A Lack Of Brotherly Love
Thu Jun 10, 2021 4:19

Sharon ... you [all?] have the excuse of the vast distances ... we're crammed in over here ... always amused me that even after hearing four famous Liverpudlians in the sixties the only accent people seemed to recognise (recognize) was Cockney ... just found this ... remember, Liverpool is in Lancashire but sounds nothing like the rest of the county ... and, on a sidebar, nowadays the younger generation in Leeds, Yorkshire (Lancashire's traditional enemy since the War Of The Roses) sound more like Mancunians (people from Manchester) ... bests

"the UK has the largest variation of accents of any country, meaning that there is no single British accent"

"towns located less than 10 miles (16 km) from the city of Manchester, such as Bolton, Rochdale, Oldham and Salford, each have distinct accents, all of which together comprise the broader accent of Lancashire. Those sub-dialects are very similar to one another, but non-local listeners can identify firm differences."

Even more confusing ...


  • AccentsSharon Cunningham, Thu Jun 10 2021 3:45
    Gobs... like here... I'm from N.W. Tennessee; don't know which Southern accent we speak, but it sure made its way to Texas with Ol' Davy Crockett!
    • A Lack Of Brotherly Love — gobs, Thu Jun 10 2021 4:19
      • AccentsSharon Cunningham, Fri Jun 11 2021 1:02
        Thanks for the lesson in PA Dutch, etc. Re those accents in England, I've been reading a series of mysteries by Bruce Beckham, set in Cumbria's Lake District. He writes in the vernacular, but includes... more
        • Lake Districtgobs, Fri Jun 11 2021 1:54
          Sharon ... He seems to have spent his early years in the Lake District, but now lives in Edinburgh ... I think Mind you, which part of the Lake District is another thing ... since 1974 it's become part... more