Thanks, Roy [nm] (nm)
Thu Jun 10, 3:47

    • CruickshanksRoy B Young, Wed Jun 09 11:33
      My last letter from David Cruickshanks is dated May 29, 2001. His address at that time was: Flat 3, 53 Yarm Road, Stockton-on-Tees, Teeside TS18 3PE, England.
      • Thanks, Roy [nm] (nm) — gobs, Thu Jun 10 3:47
    • Re: Re: "Stood the bill"?gobs, Tue Jun 08 12:10
      Bob ... I read this when I popped Cruickshanks in the search box ... I didn't understand the importance of it, then or now ... all are bemused by his actions ... aren't we? ... in my ongoing search fo... more
      • Re: Re: Re: "Stood the bill"?Bob Cash, Tue Jun 08 14:05
        gobs I'm sure the quote of "DHC" notes on the Adelia interview was from either Michael's Johnny Ringo or Warren Earp book. The info about receiving a letter from someone who claimed to be Cruickshanks... more
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