Tom Gaumer
Keefe's testimony hung on his ability to hold to his story
Wed Jun 09, 16:59

that he had seen and handled a S&W at the little house where Tom and Billy died.

Keefe proved in court that did not happen.

He was never pushed to identify any gun. He could say the gun I saw in the little house is not here. Instead he twice said the gun was there and then, when proved wrong, squirmed a bit.

He volunteered an identification of a Colt as a THE S&W twice, once in the Coroners office and once in court. In the first case he showed the Coroner he had no idea. In the second the Coroner brought the guns to court to demonstrate Keefe's shortcomings as a S&W witness and did it perfectly. In court Keefe was proven wrong and forced to admit it. Keefe was proven wrong and admitted it when forced to observe the gun more closely.

No other witness was asked to confirm the existence of the S&W including Wes Fuller who was on the stand and handled the S&W according to Keefe. Wes Fuller was a marksman and thus, theoretically, more able than Keefe to identify the make of a gun.

Keefe failed to make his ID of a S&W hold up in court. In fact he failed miserably at it and gave the prosecution a good case Tom was unarmed.

Below you ask "Who believes to be? Keefe was being questioned so the question was to him and he showed he didn't know S&W from a Colt or a dune buggy.

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    • Tom ... is this the same Turner that you consult? Turner, Second Printing 1992, English Language Version [not the Welsh version], page 132 Excuse my capitalisation ... "at request, he picks u... more
      • Keefe's testimony hung on his ability to hold to his story — Tom Gaumer, Wed Jun 09 16:59
        • Stern Facedgobs, Thu Jun 10 3:37
          Tom ... this can't even explained by a lack of syntactical knowledge and experience ... he was presented with two Colts, the only ones in evidence, and denied they were the S&W he examined ... couldn'... more
          • You are leaving out the whole of what Keefe saidTom Gaumer, Thu Jun 10 5:58
            gobs picking out what appeals to you. Keefe said the gun he identified from the little house (Smith and Wesson) was seen by him in the Coroners office over lunch. The Coroner then placed the tw... more
            • O Come, All Ye Faithfulgobs, Thu Jun 10 6:52
              "At any time he could have said the gun I saw in the little house and identified as a S&W is not here. Instead he said it was there and was proven wrong twice." Tom, Tom, here we go again ... destr... more
              • Everything Keefe said has been put upTom Gaumer, Thu Jun 10 23:32
                Gobs You just don't want to believe it. Like Kenny you ignore the facts of Keefe's testimony because it clashes with your faith and speculations No argument or facts or testimony from the record ... more
                • "I just want to get the facts, ma'am"gobs, Fri Jun 11 2:12
                  Tom ... it's only you who doesn't want to believe the facts ... ask around ... the tireless [and tiring] reiteration of your readings of the evidence completely ignores the facts, speculates on his te... more
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