Re: About Outlaws, 'Cow-Boys,' and Such
Wed Jun 09, 16:45

A good example of that is some years ago on this site one of our participants located a period newspaper article referring to Ike Clanton as a "model citizen" the modern researcher accepted this description at face value and ran with it as evidence that Ike was historically misunderstood and "in reality Ike was really a good citizen" However reading in the same period newspaper during the same time interval several of Ike Clanton's proclivities revealed him as significantly less of the model citizen. In summary the public use of being described as a model citizen suggested this description was the use of sarcasm which any period Tombstone reader would have picked up on immediately.

  • About Outlaws, 'Cow-Boys,' and Such — Gary Roberts, Wed Jun 09 12:37
    My two-cents worth on the topic is this. It was not at all unusual for 19th century Western newspapers to make cryptic references to "well-known" characters. It has frustrated me for years how many t... more
    • Re: About Outlaws, 'Cow-Boys,' and Such — B.J,, Wed Jun 09 16:45
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