Podcast on frontier newspapers
Wed Jun 09, 13:43

I will be doing a Podcast on early frontier Newspapers, as soon as I can put a script together When I started investigating western newspapers I was startle.

Meanwhile, I have three others to do first which will give me a chance to make this newspaper one eye catching.

Randy King

    • About Outlaws, 'Cow-Boys,' and SuchGary Roberts, Wed Jun 09 12:37
      My two-cents worth on the topic is this. It was not at all unusual for 19th century Western newspapers to make cryptic references to "well-known" characters. It has frustrated me for years how many t... more
      • Re: About Outlaws, 'Cow-Boys,' and SuchB.J,, Wed Jun 09 16:45
        A good example of that is some years ago on this site one of our participants located a period newspaper article referring to Ike Clanton as a "model citizen" the modern researcher accepted this descr... more
      • Podcast on frontier newspapers — randykingco@verizon.net, Wed Jun 09 13:43
    • Epitaph - April 19, 1882: "A little school boy, who heard of the arrest of Lou Cooley for "aiding and abetting the Earps, inquired of an Epitaph reporter "if a fellow can be arrested for betting on t... more
      • Seems like a nice boy ... [nm] (nm)gobs, Tue Jun 08 1:59
        • Re: Seems like a nice boy ... [nm] (nm)K.t.K., Tue Jun 08 5:50
          Check your Facebook message for a private question.
          • Death IS Itself Pretty Vaguegobs, Tue Jun 08 6:15
            I never got his EWS membership address ... he must have had one From: Gary Leonard Sent: 07 June 2021 09:34 To: MICHAEL FEARNEHOUGH Subject: David H. Cruickshanks As far as I can tell,... more
          • I checked this morning (earlier) and missed it ... I don't even know how to send messages when I've written them ...
            • Cruikshanks was in communication withTom Gaumer, Wed Jun 09 16:06
              Gobs a person who posts on this board now long after 1976 as well as another author who lived in Benson AZ Tom
              • Tagobs, Thu Jun 10 3:24
                Tom ... thanks ... I said this was when he was blackballed by The English Westerners ... bests
            • Cruickshanks Obit in 2013?Bob Cash, Wed Jun 09 13:17
              Read the last letter in this link: https://www.historynet.com/june-2017-readers-letters.htm
              • Dodgygobs, Thu Jun 10 3:14
                Bob ... thanks ... I sent this in an earler message to Kenny and he said she was to be avoided as well ... bests
              • OBITK.t.K., Wed Jun 09 13:51
                This seems to fit what Chris Penn told me in an email not that long ago. It satisfied my DHC curiosity at the time, but then I went and deleted that particular email, saving a few old ones on other to... more
            • CruickshanksSharon Cunningham, Wed Jun 09 5:55
              I searched for him for MONTHS several years ago, and never found him, either. I wonder if he left Merry Ol' and moved to some deserted isle??? Otherwise, shouldn't there be an obit??? BTW, Gobs, sin... more
              • Merry Ol' IS The Deserted Islegobs, Wed Jun 09 7:43
                Sharon ... unfortunately I never knew him ... what I heard of him on media, he never sounded particularly Liverpudlian to me ... I'm always amazed at the amount of research he and Joseph Rosa managed ... more
                • FRED NOLANSharon Cunningham, Wed Jun 09 12:55
                  So... I assume from your comment you are from Liverpool? So sorry you never met ol' Fred, Gobs. He is/was a keeper! And, most helpful to others of similar minds...I.e. Old West stuff. Joe Rosa, too! I... more
                  • Accentsgobs, Thu Jun 10 3:11
                    Sharon ... I'm from Sheffield, as I frequently hint ... I think everyone apart from Dick Van Dyke realised there were a lot of accents [and languages] in the ol' country ... bests
                    • AccentsSharon Cunningham, Thu Jun 10 3:45
                      Gobs... like here... I'm from N.W. Tennessee; don't know which Southern accent we speak, but it sure made its way to Texas with Ol' Davy Crockett!
                      • A Lack Of Brotherly Lovegobs, Thu Jun 10 4:19
                        Sharon ... you [all?] have the excuse of the vast distances ... we're crammed in over here ... always amused me that even after hearing four famous Liverpudlians in the sixties the only accent people ... more
                        • AccentsSharon Cunningham, Fri Jun 11 1:02
                          Thanks for the lesson in PA Dutch, etc. Re those accents in England, I've been reading a series of mysteries by Bruce Beckham, set in Cumbria's Lake District. He writes in the vernacular, but incl... more
                          • Lake Districtgobs, Fri Jun 11 1:54
                            Sharon ... He seems to have spent his early years in the Lake District, but now lives in Edinburgh ... I think Mind you, which part of the Lake District is another thing ... since 1974 it's become ... more
            • Most of the Rasch-Cruickshanks correspondence letters are dated 1980. DHC was into big and small nuances of the Tombstone Saga, and threw his ideas, questions and conclusions at Rasch to see how they... more
              • David H. CruickshanksPeter Brand, Tue Jun 08 21:36
                I have that letter that he sent to Hickey and I corresponded with him a few times in the late 1990s or early 2000s. He was an angry guy. PB
                • Re: David H. CruickshanksBob Cash, Wed Jun 09 6:46
                  Peter, what was he angry about, and when you corresponded with him did he still handwrite his letters in the very recognizable small print that others have commented on?
                  • Re: Re: David H. CruickshanksSteve Gatto, Wed Jun 09 8:44
                    He used to write me in very small print on small sheets of paper from a small notepad.
              • "Stood the bill"?gobs, Tue Jun 08 10:35
                Last heard of by English Westerners Society after being blackballed ... seems the older members are tight lipped about it ... the point that was being made is he later contacted authors in the US and ... more
                • Re: "Stood the bill"?Bob Cash, Tue Jun 08 11:36
                  Friend and author Michael Hickey died on October 6, 2014. At some point in the preceding five years, he told me that he had received a scathing letter from David H. Cruickshanks demanding that Hickey ... more
                  • CruickshanksRoy B Young, Wed Jun 09 11:33
                    My last letter from David Cruickshanks is dated May 29, 2001. His address at that time was: Flat 3, 53 Yarm Road, Stockton-on-Tees, Teeside TS18 3PE, England.
                  • Re: Re: "Stood the bill"?gobs, Tue Jun 08 12:10
                    Bob ... I read this when I popped Cruickshanks in the search box ... I didn't understand the importance of it, then or now ... all are bemused by his actions ... aren't we? ... in my ongoing search fo... more
                    • Re: Re: Re: "Stood the bill"?Bob Cash, Tue Jun 08 14:05
                      gobs I'm sure the quote of "DHC" notes on the Adelia interview was from either Michael's Johnny Ringo or Warren Earp book. The info about receiving a letter from someone who claimed to be Cruickshanks... more
                        • Oh good, GobsK.t.K., Wed Jun 09 14:36
                          If you can find Hickey's "Warren Baxter Earp" book, the photo in question is near the front on page xli. Full page - awesome. The trump card against the Boyer hoax (Bessie photo) comes from merely ... more
                          • Then, tastes changegobs, Thu Jun 10 3:20
                            Kenny ... I've promised to dig out this and the Johnny Ringo to see if there were any Cruickshank links ... they're big enough to find ... thanks again
    • James W. Pender-anonymous Cow-boy threatRobert Buckley, Mon Jun 07 11:41
      “ Mr.J. Pender : You, with other of your cow-boy talking friends, must leave for other parts in 15 days . You have been talking of us , and we mean to give you a chance to fix up your business and sav... more
      • Thanks R. Buckley, this is helpful.K.t.K., Tue Jun 08 1:56
        Not in regards "Cowboy Depredations" - that term being mentioned in all Arizona newspapers for the the entirety of 1881. I have a substantial file overflowing with all the reports coming monthly from ... more
        • Haslett or Heslet?gobs, Tue Jun 08 2:20
          • Yes, I remember this fine piece by Roy Young.K.t.K., Tue Jun 08 4:27
            There's a copy somewhere in the room with me. Of course S. N. Lake had to be used as a source, but is the only drawback from existing facts. Lake had to put Wyatt in charge of sending Morg to Hachita... more
            • Heslet BrothersRoy B Young, Wed Jun 09 11:36
              My WOLA Journal article on the Heslet Brothers is included in the Wyatt Earp Anthology, chapter 17, starting on page 286.
              • Wyatt Earp AnthologyB.J., Wed Jun 09 17:02
                Hey Roy, some of the excellent questions and discussions asked about and referred to on this site are already included and referenced in detail in the "Wyatt Earp Anthology" I bought and continue to r... more
                • Differing OpinionPam Potter, Thu Jun 10 6:33
                  I would like to offer a different opinion of the book. I am proud to have been chosen to have two of my articles included. There is a variety of information, gleaned from years of research. It is a... more
                  • Wyatt Earp AnthologyPeter Brand, Thu Jun 10 18:35
                    Kenny I was surprised and delighted to have a couple of my older articles included in this massive tome. No book of this size will be perfect and some may find errors here and there as no author is p... more
                    • Thank you, PeterRoy B Young, Fri Jun 11 9:12
                      Thanks, Peter. You are right. In trying to get a cross-section of material on Wyatt, et.al., we had a whole lot of decisions to make on what was included and what was omitted. My biggest regret is ... more
                      • The NaysayerSharon Cunningham, Sat Jun 12 5:57
                        That person's research on both James C and Morg is WELL worthwhile for those of us who love the T'stone saga! And, yes, it's a cryin' shame that he will not publish all that valuable research... it wo... more
                        • Re: The NaysayerB.J., Sat Jun 12 17:36
                          Some years ago I was working on a project goal to have Morgan Earp's name added to the Arizona Fallen Law Enforcement Monument. Kenny was/is the self appointed Morgan Earp expert so I wanted to use hi... more
                      • Re: Thank you, PeterBob Cash, Fri Jun 11 15:59
                        I assume these posts in defense of the Wyatt Earp Anthology are in response to something Kenny wrote that got deleted by the guy who "paid for this microphone". The sad thing is that if Kenny had publ... more
                        • A--- Licking Continues Apacegobs, Thu Jun 17 6:12
                          Kenny ... Is the St. Johns interview available anywhere? She was interviewed on the BBC in the late sixties and mentioned Wyatt in passing ... everything was so black and white in those days ... ag... more
                          • Thanks.olds, Thu Jun 17 12:09
                            That Asimov quote is perfect, and timely. You are correct that no work is ever finished, merely abandoned at some point. That is the nature of "making," isn't it? I once stumbled onto the quote (I ... more
                            • My Thanks, I Thinkgobs, Thu Jun 17 16:11
                              Of course, we were doing it all wrong ... I've never read him, nor do I wish to, but on his gravestone ... Charles Bukowski 1920-1994 Don't Try “It’s like a bug high on the wall. Yo... more
                        • Another input on this subjectTom Gaumerr, Sun Jun 13 12:05
                          Bob I have offered several times to pay all the costs of copying his files and sending them to a historical society of his choosing or a state archive of his choosing or several of them. I added h... more
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