Merry Ol' IS The Deserted Isle
Wed Jun 09, 2021 8:43

Sharon ... unfortunately I never knew him ... what I heard of him on media, he never sounded particularly Liverpudlian to me ... I'm always amazed at the amount of research he and Joseph Rosa managed to accomplish with only the help of librarians ... later on, Jeffrey Burton had the help of US authors but I sensed was unduly influenced by them ... I contacted him a couple of times over the Constable Dodge & The Pantano Train Robbers book ... I still can't see the logic to purposely discredit Dodge in that book ... sorry I'm of no help ... take care

  • CruickshanksSharon Cunningham, Wed Jun 09 2021 6:55
    I searched for him for MONTHS several years ago, and never found him, either. I wonder if he left Merry Ol' and moved to some deserted isle??? Otherwise, shouldn't there be an obit??? BTW, Gobs, since... more
    • Merry Ol' IS The Deserted Isle — gobs, Wed Jun 09 2021 8:43
      • FRED NOLANSharon Cunningham, Wed Jun 09 2021 13:55
        So... I assume from your comment you are from Liverpool? So sorry you never met ol' Fred, Gobs. He is/was a keeper! And, most helpful to others of similar minds...I.e. Old West stuff. Joe Rosa, too! I... more
        • Accentsgobs, Thu Jun 10 2021 4:11
          Sharon ... I'm from Sheffield, as I frequently hint ... I think everyone apart from Dick Van Dyke realised there were a lot of accents [and languages] in the ol' country ... bests
          • AccentsSharon Cunningham, Thu Jun 10 2021 4:45
            Gobs... like here... I'm from N.W. Tennessee; don't know which Southern accent we speak, but it sure made its way to Texas with Ol' Davy Crockett!
            • A Lack Of Brotherly Lovegobs, Thu Jun 10 2021 5:19
              Sharon ... you [all?] have the excuse of the vast distances ... we're crammed in over here ... always amused me that even after hearing four famous Liverpudlians in the sixties the only accent people seemed... more
              • AccentsSharon Cunningham, Fri Jun 11 2021 2:02
                Thanks for the lesson in PA Dutch, etc. Re those accents in England, I've been reading a series of mysteries by Bruce Beckham, set in Cumbria's Lake District. He writes in the vernacular, but includes... more
                • Lake Districtgobs, Fri Jun 11 2021 2:54
                  Sharon ... He seems to have spent his early years in the Lake District, but now lives in Edinburgh ... I think Mind you, which part of the Lake District is another thing ... since 1974 it's become part... more