This week 1884, Garden City, Kansas
Wed Jun 09, 2:19

Marshal N. J. Earp gives notice that "all City ordinances will be strictly enforced." Described as "an unspotted Republican," Earp goes heeled around town with a 4-inch barrel, .44 calibre revolver in his hip pocket.

    • Biography of Newton J. EarpRoy B Young, Wed Jun 09 11:38
      My biography of Newton J. Earp, previewed at last year's TTR, is finished, being vetted, and will go to the publisher in early Fall.
      • TTR, Newton, and the Future...Mike Mihaljevich, Wed Jun 09 21:24
        Roy, I'm extremely pleased to hear this. The presentation was fantastic, and I was glad to be present for the "advanced screening". Mike
      • Newton EarpNeil Brown, Wed Jun 09 17:46
        Thank you for the heads up. I am really looking forward to this! -Neil
      • I had no idea.K.t.K., Wed Jun 09 12:30
        Now we both have a biography on Newt.
        • NEWTON EARP BOOKS?Sharon Cunningham, Fri Jun 11 8:55
          OK, I know where to get Roy's bio of Newt, but where to get yours, Kenny??? sharon
          • Sharon, you of all people....K.t.K., Sat Jun 12 2:18
            Did you see the link on Newt? I thought that rifle might be a Remington Creedmoor .44-100. Any ideas? I'll always remember when Y'all let me sit in the Dixie Gun Works booth at the S.A.S.S. convent... more
            • SASS/ Las Vegassharon Cunningham, Sat Jun 12 7:15
              You are such a hoot, K.t.K! Of course, I didn't see the Newt link... what is it? How can you remember all those details about a SASS meet in Vegas in.... what WAS the year??? I've been retired fr... more
              • SASS/ Las Vegas about 2002-2003K.t.K., Sun Jun 13 5:50
                I remember because I got a free dinner out of it after we closed the booth - with you and your boss - compliments Dixie Gun Works. Below in this thread is "The Link" sending us to Newton's photo.
          • Re: NEWTON EARP BOOKS?Bob Cash, Fri Jun 11 12:21
            Sharon, Kenny's book is free. All you have to do is save all of Kenny's posts on this page for the next five or six hundred years, cut and paste all the Newton Earp material and figure out what chrono... more
            • "stood the bill"gobs, Sun Jun 13 2:09
              Bob [and Sharon] ... I thought I could tease a few more out of him by asking silly questions, the last regarding Wyatt and Morg "standing the bill", one against Spence and the other against Stilwell a... more
            • Kenny's New book!Sharon Cunningham, Sat Jun 12 7:18
              I know what you mean, Bob. How long have we been monitoring all Kenny's posts, trying to piece together his stuff about the Earps??? Kenny-Kid.... PLEASE publish this material; we all NEED it!!!
              • Re: Kenny's New book!B.J., Sat Jun 12 17:15
                Once an article or book is published it's out there for what might be considered an unofficial public peer review. Some people will go through the article or book with a fine tooth comb and critique e... more
        • Newton BiosRoy B Young, Wed Jun 09 14:20
          This is excellent, Kenny. Newton is the quintessential lawman of the Old West. He deserves his due!
          • Yeah, I think you are right.K.t.K., Wed Jun 09 14:51
            BTW, some months ago I posted that photo of Newt (posed with hunting rifle) on that huge David de Haas Old West Facebook page. Just in case you didn't have it.
            • PictureTonya Erdman, Thu Jun 10 17:36
              Do you have a link to that picture?
              • Buffalo JonesRoy B Young, Sat Jun 12 11:31
                Tonya, you might want to investigate pictures of C.J. "Buffalo" Jones. There was a reason why I didn't use that picture in my presentation at TTR last year.
              • The linkMike Mihaljevich, Fri Jun 11 9:09
                Tonya, here you go. Hope to see you at TTR this year. Best to you and your family. Mike https://www.facebook.com/groups/261849524484480/permalink/688404095162352
                • Re: The linkBob Cash, Fri Jun 11 16:03
                  Thank you. Kenny and Mike for sharing this. Very interesting and important. Just looking at it, I am certain it is Newton, but what is the provenance, Mr. Vail?
                  • Stranger Anomaliesgobs, Sat Jun 12 1:28
                    Bob ... beats this one ... https://www.geni.com/people/Sgt-Newton-Earp/319667969530002238 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Joseph_F._Smith_in_the_Sacred_Grove.jpg
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