Thanks ... got them both somewhere [nm] (nm)
Tue Jun 08, 2021 15:13

  • Re: Re: Re: "Stood the bill"?Bob Cash, Tue Jun 08 2021 15:05
    gobs I'm sure the quote of "DHC" notes on the Adelia interview was from either Michael's Johnny Ringo or Warren Earp book. The info about receiving a letter from someone who claimed to be Cruickshanks... more
    • Thanks ... got them both somewhere [nm] (nm) — gobs, Tue Jun 08 2021 15:13
      • Then, tastes changegobs, Thu Jun 10 2021 4:20
        Kenny ... I've promised to dig out this and the Johnny Ringo to see if there were any Cruickshank links ... they're big enough to find ... thanks again