paul j
Bill? description?
Tue Jun 08, 13:52

Randie - you are a very twenty-first century person! Itemized Bill? Invoices? Hardly!

The exact totals came from the administration of Tom's and Frank's estates, which brother Will McLaury paid out more than a month after the event. Ritter & Ream charged $141.68 to Tom's burial and $141.75 for Frank's.

The only source for the cost of the funeral was recorded in the Register of Estates and Guardianships, Book 1 (Cochise County). Billy left no estate, so his part of the funeral costs were paid by his family; no known record exists.

Best! paul

    • Re: awesome question — Randie O'Neal, Tue Jun 08 11:40
      There you have it. Since you have the text from the bill, is the bill available? Presumably there would be a description of the coffins, and a model name or number. Looking at how fancy they are, odd... more
      • Bill? description? — paul j, Tue Jun 08 13:52
        • Ha!! — Randie O'Neal, Tue Jun 08 20:51
          Paul, You never can tell, what pops up in the records. Thanks for the source and info.
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