Re: Re: "Stood the bill"?
Tue Jun 08, 12:10

Bob ... I read this when I popped Cruickshanks in the search box ... I didn't understand the importance of it, then or now ... all are bemused by his actions ... aren't we? ... in my ongoing search for lost books, which Hickey book was that? ... bests

"All the handwritten notes on my copy have the notation -DHC after them, so I always assumed they were by David H. Cruikshanks before I became aware of an instance in which a writer quoted one of them and got a letter from Cruikshanks denying they were his notes. My understanding was that Cruikshanks maintained that the notes were not on the copy he gave to the Coloton Library so they may not be the mysterious Mr. Conrad's notes either."

    • Re: "Stood the bill"?Bob Cash, Tue Jun 08 11:36
      Friend and author Michael Hickey died on October 6, 2014. At some point in the preceding five years, he told me that he had received a scathing letter from David H. Cruickshanks demanding that Hickey ... more
      • CruickshanksRoy B Young, Wed Jun 09 11:33
        My last letter from David Cruickshanks is dated May 29, 2001. His address at that time was: Flat 3, 53 Yarm Road, Stockton-on-Tees, Teeside TS18 3PE, England.
      • Re: Re: "Stood the bill"? — gobs, Tue Jun 08 12:10
        • Re: Re: Re: "Stood the bill"?Bob Cash, Tue Jun 08 14:05
          gobs I'm sure the quote of "DHC" notes on the Adelia interview was from either Michael's Johnny Ringo or Warren Earp book. The info about receiving a letter from someone who claimed to be Cruickshanks... more
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