paul j
awesome question
Tue Jun 08, 9:47

I've never considered that the fancy coffins could be "for show."

Undertakers Ritter & Ream charged each of the McLaurys $141 and change for their services. Since they could bury an indigent person for $20 (that's what they charged the county) - my guess would be that the caskets in the photograph were the same ones lowered into the ground. The same with the fancy suits they were buried in.
One thing they did not have was the glass hearse. That didn't arrive until months later.
Best! paul

  • Tom, Frank and Billy burialsRandie O'Neal, Sun Jun 06 4:04
    I was just thinking about this question and wanted to bounce it off the group, and seeing the cemetery thread about Charlie Storms, it’s a good time to ask: We’ve all seen the big, fancy coffins the ... more
    • awesome question — paul j, Tue Jun 08 9:47
      • Re: awesome questionRandie O'Neal, Tue Jun 08 11:40
        There you have it. Since you have the text from the bill, is the bill available? Presumably there would be a description of the coffins, and a model name or number. Looking at how fancy they are, odd... more
        • Bill? description?paul j, Tue Jun 08 13:52
          Randie - you are a very twenty-first century person! Itemized Bill? Invoices? Hardly! The exact totals came from the administration of Tom's and Frank's estates, which brother Will McLaury paid... more
          • Ha!!Randie O'Neal, Tue Jun 08 20:51
            Paul, You never can tell, what pops up in the records. Thanks for the source and info.
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