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Tue Jun 08, 2021 6:36

No, a blanket EU Ban ... beware of irony ahead ... thanks Uncle Sam for lots of really positive leads on Google Images ... I have seen the real photo before ... I even have the book ... somewhere

Our house was built [starting in 1934] on land owned by these crackpots, who became rich by begging for money to fund the destruction of Islam ... a job well done

The hospital was founded in 1247 as the Priory of the New Order of our Lady of Bethlehem in the city of London during the reign of Henry III. It was established by the Bishop-elect of Bethlehem, the Italian Goffredo de Prefetti, following a donation of personal property by the London alderman and former sheriff, Simon FitzMary. The original location was in the parish of St Botolph, Bishopsgate's ward, just beyond London's wall and where the south-east corner of Liverpool Street Station now stands. Bethlem was not initially intended as a hospital, in the clinical sense, much less as a specialist institution for the insane, but as a centre for the collection of alms to support the Crusader Church and to link England to the Holy Land.

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