The link won't open??
Tue Jun 08, 5:39

I got to it by googlng "Warren and Bessie Earp"

    • Thanks again — gobs, Tue Jun 08 3:57
      Unfortunately, this and three other similar links have no cached versions ... don't suppose there's any salient information in there .... will dig out her book ... Don't know what the EEA is, but ... more
      • The link won't open?? — K.t.K., Tue Jun 08 5:39
        • Therein lies Bedlam [sidebar] — gobs, Tue Jun 08 6:36
          No, a blanket EU Ban ... beware of irony ahead ... thanks Uncle Sam for lots of really positive leads on Google Images ... I have seen the real photo before ... I even have the book ... somewhere O... more
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