Bob Cash
Re: Adelia
Sat Jun 05, 2021 17:36

You have done this field a great service with your study of Adelia's interview and you are, in large part, responsible for convincing me of its authenticity.

Adelia's quote about Warren doing more shooting than Lake knew about is one of those things that keep you up at night. It could mean she heard him speak of participating in the murders of Stillwell and Florentino Sais (Lake has Wyatt single handedly dispatching both). Most intriguingly she could have meant Warren's participation in events before or after the street fight that we have no information about. Without more concrete evidence, it's all speculation (but it sure is fun).

    • Kenny ... is most of the material you cite (letters, etc) in this book? ... never found a copy ... despite your endorsement of otherwise unassailable facts, does it mean Adelia was directly involved? ...... more
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          but is much of Adelia's information on dates and places in there? I followed in Chris Penn's trail and was told there was a member named David H Cruickshanks (father or son?) of the English Westerners... more
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            Unfortunately, this and three other similar links have no cached versions ... don't suppose there's any salient information in there .... will dig out her book ... Don't know what the EEA is, but the... more
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              No, a blanket EU Ban ... beware of irony ahead ... thanks Uncle Sam for lots of really positive leads on Google Images ... I have seen the real photo before ... I even have the book ... somewhere Our... more
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