Fine work ... "controversial and alleged letter"? [nm] (nm)
Sat Jun 05, 5:05

    • Mum's the word on the Earp end.K.t.K., Thu Jun 03 4:03
      The reason given for Warren's departure from Benson to California August 20 was a bogus cover story. The Star said that Warren was "visiting his sick father in Colton, California." Nick Earp - the to... more
      • Re: Mum's the word on the Earp end.Bob Cash, Sat Jun 05 6:12
        Kenny, I think all this info is intriguing and informed speculation is important in figuring out what actually happened in Cochise County, but I think you are overstating your case here. In your f... more
        • Thanks Bob. Let me restate it.K.t.K., Sat Jun 05 8:47
          "By September 1, 1881 Morgan was back in Tombstone and Warren Earp was in Colton, California, EVIDENTLY convalescing from a gunshot wound." I was encouraged by a different scholar to include all th... more
      • Fine work ... "controversial and alleged letter"? [nm] (nm) — gobs, Sat Jun 05 5:05
        • AdeliaK.t.K., Sat Jun 05 9:39
          Something Adelia said in her memoirs, which many years ago I verified absolutely compatible with, and supported by contemporary records, 95 %, was a tidbit about Warren. "I know for sure how Warren... more
          • Re: AdeliaBob Cash, Sat Jun 05 17:36
            You have done this field a great service with your study of Adelia's interview and you are, in large part, responsible for convincing me of its authenticity. Adelia's quote about Warren doing mor... more
          • Correction LamarK.t.K., Sat Jun 05 9:48
            Yes Adelia did give a peep about Lamar. From memory: it was something about she didn't like the place as a 10-year-old...too dusty....bad school teacher.
            • Kenny ... is most of the material you cite (letters, etc) in this book? ... never found a copy ... despite your endorsement of otherwise unassailable facts, does it mean Adelia was directly involved? ... more
              • No Gobby, its not a book.K.t.K., Sun Jun 06 10:08
                Two separate items: 1. Wild West Remembrances by Adelia Earp Edwards & Earl Chafin. 2. Wild West Remembrances by Adelia Earp. The former is messed up by Earl - he inserting any number of screw-bal... more
                • Both Gee & Whiz! [nm] (nm)gobs, Sun Jun 06 11:03
                  • Forgot to mention....K.t.K., Mon Jun 07 4:17
                    ...the original is but 15 pages. The Chafin version is somewhat longer. If memory serves I sent that to Sherry Monahan with appropriate warning. Like the warning I gave not to use the cropped photo of... more
                    • I have the Monahan book somewhere ...gobs, Tue Jun 08 2:17
                      but is much of Adelia's information on dates and places in there? I followed in Chris Penn's trail and was told there was a member named David H Cruickshanks (father or son?) of the English Western... more
                      • Re: I have the Monahan book somewhere ...K.t.K., Tue Jun 08 3:35
                        https://www.gvnews.com/lifestyle/meandering-the-mesquite-the-many-mrs-earps-distaff-side-of-iconic-frontier-family/article_b65699a2-65b2-11e8-bdf5-3b486df80bc4.html Warren and his wife Kate Sanf... more
                        • Thanks againgobs, Tue Jun 08 3:57
                          Unfortunately, this and three other similar links have no cached versions ... don't suppose there's any salient information in there .... will dig out her book ... Don't know what the EEA is, but ... more
                          • The link won't open??K.t.K., Tue Jun 08 5:39
                            I got to it by googlng "Warren and Bessie Earp"
                            • Therein lies Bedlam [sidebar]gobs, Tue Jun 08 6:36
                              No, a blanket EU Ban ... beware of irony ahead ... thanks Uncle Sam for lots of really positive leads on Google Images ... I have seen the real photo before ... I even have the book ... somewhere O... more
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