The Leading Questions In The Turner Abridged Version
Sat Jun 05, 5:01

Tom ... is this the same Turner that you consult?

Turner, Second Printing 1992, English Language Version [not the Welsh version], page 132

Excuse my capitalisation ...

"at request, he picks up from the table what HE BELIEVES TO BE THE PISTOL IN QUESTION"

Who believes to be? ... this is the pistol the requestor [the questioner] has designated


(Q) Now take THE OTHER PISTOL in your hand, brought in by the Coroner, and state .... if that is the pistol you examined and you found lying on ther floor.


Re-cross Examination

(Q) What kind of pistol is THE OTHER ONE?
(A) The same as the other one, a Colt
(Q) Have you seen the pistol you FIRST EXAMINED ... FROM THE TIME YOU LAST SAW IT ON THE DAY OF THE SHOOTING ... until just now in this courtroom?
(A) I have. I saw it in Dr. Matthews' office between 12 and 1 0o'clock

A leading question ... they are now ONLY CONSIDERING THE TWO GUNS PRESENTED AND EXAMINED as any kind of evidence ... he has just said that neither of these two is the one he saw but IDENTIFIED THE TWO PRESENT AS COLTS ... the question infers that he had previously been confused or lying

On page 133 he's questioned about his visit to Dr. Matthews' office, where he "examined the pistol CONCERNING WHICH YOU HAVE SINCE TESTIFIED on re-direct examination?"

He has already testified that that neither was the one he saw in the house ... AS THEY WERE ONLY CONSIDERING THE TWO GUNS PRESENTED AND EXAMINED AS ANY KIND OF EVIDENCE, why the trick question?

(Q) What, if anything, was said to you while there, with respect to THIS PISTOL?
(A) Judge Campbell and Mr. Ben Goodrich were there, and wanted [me] to show which way THE PISTOL laid on the floor WHEN I FIRST SAW IT, and which way Billy Clanton laid.

Interesting questions, to which they provide no answer

And now the vital conundrum ...

(Q) As to what about THE PISTOLS?
(A) I was requested to look at the TWO PISTOLS and say which I THOUGHT WAS THE ONE [found] on the floor of the little house ON THE DAY OF THE SHOOTING.

These would be presented to the witness as THE ONLY ONES allowed in evidence ... so it doesn't give Keefe the option of arguing the toss

My copy finishes without Keefe's answer ... do you, Kenny or Hayhurst know?

    • Was Tom Armed? Keefe says probably notTom Gaumer, Sat Jun 05 3:08
      Gobs KtK says the two guns are quite different and Keefe would know that. That is between him and you. Keefe's testimony is pretty clear. Ktk claims to know Keefe was lying via KtK speculation. ... more
      • The Leading Questions In The Turner Abridged Version — gobs, Sat Jun 05 5:01
        • Gobs that he had seen and handled a S&W at the little house where Tom and Billy died. Keefe proved in court that did not happen. He was never pushed to identify any gun. He could say the gun I... more
          • Stern Facedgobs, Thu Jun 10 3:37
            Tom ... this can't even explained by a lack of syntactical knowledge and experience ... he was presented with two Colts, the only ones in evidence, and denied they were the S&W he examined ... couldn'... more
            • You are leaving out the whole of what Keefe saidTom Gaumer, Thu Jun 10 5:58
              gobs picking out what appeals to you. Keefe said the gun he identified from the little house (Smith and Wesson) was seen by him in the Coroners office over lunch. The Coroner then placed the tw... more
              • O Come, All Ye Faithfulgobs, Thu Jun 10 6:52
                "At any time he could have said the gun I saw in the little house and identified as a S&W is not here. Instead he said it was there and was proven wrong twice." Tom, Tom, here we go again ... destr... more
                • Everything Keefe said has been put upTom Gaumer, Thu Jun 10 23:32
                  Gobs You just don't want to believe it. Like Kenny you ignore the facts of Keefe's testimony because it clashes with your faith and speculations No argument or facts or testimony from the record ... more
                  • "I just want to get the facts, ma'am"gobs, Fri Jun 11 2:12
                    Tom ... it's only you who doesn't want to believe the facts ... ask around ... the tireless [and tiring] reiteration of your readings of the evidence completely ignores the facts, speculates on his te... more
    • The Other Onesgobs, Thu Jun 03 6:57
      Forgot the probable flaw, but the questioning seems purposely worded to confuse ... (Q) What kind of pistol is the other one? (A) The same as the other one, a Colt (Q) Have you seen the pistol y... more
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