The Royal Antediluvian Order Of Buffaloes
Sat Jun 05, 1:46

Kenny [and now Peter] ... thanks for the up ... loath[e] as I am to repeat this, but my family were never in business or anywhere near a higher echelon than skivvy, but plenty were in the Buffs ... were any of the ne'er-do-wells that you research in this fine organisation? ... I imagine they joined in the hope of some future charity or as an alternative to the YMCA ... take care


  • This week 1881 Tombstone A. T.K.t.K., Fri Jun 04 8:01
    About June 1 the body of Charley Storms was exhumed by Ritter & Ream from Boot Hill, after laying there since the end of February. That's when his best friend Henry "Dublin" Lyons, had little choice b... more
    • The Royal Antediluvian Order Of Buffaloes — gobs, Sat Jun 05 1:46
    • The three burials of Charlie StormsPeter Brand, Fri Jun 04 22:41
      That IOOF cemetery was later reclaimed by the city and Storms, along with many, many others were dug up again and removed to a new city cemetery and their locations are now lost to history. No record... more
      • Beg to differK.t.K., Sat Jun 05 2:34
        In 1933 Storms ended up at Greenlawn Memorial Park at Colma, Mateo County, Cal. Mary A. Storms was buried in 1903 at Cypress Lawn Cemetery, East Side Garden G Section, Tier 4, Grave 473.
        • True but...Peter Brand, Sat Jun 05 19:08
          They don't have a plot location for Charlie Storms. I checked with them when writing the Tyler book. Cheers Pb
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