Re: Flanfair-a-go-go
Thu Jun 03, 12:30

Yes, that's exactly why he adopted the name Ted "Kid" Lewis and proclaimed that welterweight champ to be his personal favorite. We were together in a special clique of 5 to 6 extreme boxing aficionados and students of the game. Nothing at all resembling average boxing buffs.
I was disappointed when learning that Ted's actual name was Edward. He died in a rest home in Hollywood, Cal., where we visited him and talked other important clique matters before the end. He was the wittiest man I ever knew, and had met him at a precarious point in life when his humor was utterly priceless.

    • Flanfair-a-go-go — gobs, Thu Jun 03 11:47
      Kenny ... yes, the most famous Welsh word which requires a twist in the tongue just to pronounce the first and last eight letters correctly ... you've mention Ted Lewis and Barry peninsula or estuary ... more
      • Re: Flanfair-a-go-go — K.t.K., Thu Jun 03 12:30
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