Thu Jun 03, 5:42

... if only they were the steam trains of my youth ... again, London's Tube has nowt to do with me ... thanks, Uncle Nate ... did anyone speak to you while [or if] you were on there? ... South Yorkshire people'll talk to anyone, even "Yanks" ... Londoners'll take your dollars off you though ... especially taxi drivers ... a chip, moi?

    • Speaking of "public transport" in England I'll have no complaint. Notwithstanding the "Tube" which beginnings are connected to 1875 when American Nathan R. Vail was supervising construction of London’... more
      • Thanks — gobs, Thu Jun 03 5:42
      • Addendum WalesK.t.K., Thu Jun 03 5:42
        While visiting Barry, So. Wales, I found this crazy-looking post card long and skinny. On it was the longest word in the Welsh language: Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch. ... more
        • Flanfair-a-go-gogobs, Thu Jun 03 11:47
          Kenny ... yes, the most famous Welsh word which requires a twist in the tongue just to pronounce the first and last eight letters correctly ... you've mention Ted Lewis and Barry peninsula or estuary ... more
          • Re: Flanfair-a-go-goK.t.K., Thu Jun 03 12:30
            Yes, that's exactly why he adopted the name Ted "Kid" Lewis and proclaimed that welterweight champ to be his personal favorite. We were together in a special clique of 5 to 6 extreme boxing aficionad... more
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