Mea Culpa
Thu Jun 03, 1:51

Anonymous not me ... but thanks for the offer ... I was just being facetious with the address .. and I hate all telephones, as did my sister and now my niece ... bests

    • Good To Have The Factmeister Backgobs, Thu Jun 03 1:57
      Kenny ... that would be the posh part of town ... planted so that us plebs on public transport can't see them spoiling good walks ... I know you play ... cheers
      • Thanksgobs, Thu Jun 03 5:42
        ... if only they were the steam trains of my youth ... again, London's Tube has nowt to do with me ... thanks, Uncle Nate ... did anyone speak to you while [or if] you were on there? ... South Yorkshi... more
      • Flanfair-a-go-gogobs, Thu Jun 03 11:47
        Kenny ... yes, the most famous Welsh word which requires a twist in the tongue just to pronounce the first and last eight letters correctly ... you've mention Ted Lewis and Barry peninsula or estuary ... more
    • gobs/a short note...Joyce Aros, Thu Jun 03 15:19
      ...in your post you suggested that as most of the evidence was all 'post-mortem'...deduced to fit the 'facts' of Billy being unarmed and bearing the stigmata of innocence when he hit the ground... ... more
      • Re: gobs/a short note...Bob Cash, Fri Jun 04 12:23
        No one testified to seeing when Billy's wrist wound was sustained or that Morgan Earp's fist shot hit Billy's wrist. You say you have gone back over several testimonies to write your note to gobs. Ple... more
      • Maybe ... a longer one ... maybegobs, Fri Jun 04 3:50
        Joyce ... apologies ... there was no sympathy vote intended, just an unwise Biblical metaphor ... what I meant was that I'd necessarily have to accept that he was unarmed, down on the ground and scram... more
    • Good grief, gobs...Joyce Aros, Wed Jun 02 18:20
      ...is that whole paragraph your mailing address? I will send you some artwork as I am assuming you are the anonymous who said they would like some...but the Address? Clarify it for me.
      • Mea Culpa — gobs, Thu Jun 03 1:51
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