Joyce Aros
you will be happy to know...
Wed Jun 02, 20:54

...that I am a tough old broad and some of that comes from the same kind of background of my beloved cowboys! So don't count me out yet; I may screw up occasionally but I don't let it get me down. I am willing to continue on the effort to irritate and compel regardless of the heat or the cold or whatever.

Unfortunately you have me figured on the one finger typing. I have never made it all the way into this century and hate cell phones as well.

I'll keep you supplied so you have a steady argument and sometimes you'll be wrong. Of course, I am also praying for rain!!!

    • Re: If I didn't know better ...Bob Cash, Wed Jun 02 18:45
      It's no fun arguing with someone who's lying on the floor from heat prostration reaching up to the computer keyboard to one finger type a response to something that offended your beloved cowboys (some... more
      • you will be happy to know... — Joyce Aros, Wed Jun 02 20:54
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