Bob Cash
Re: the only thing....
Wed Jun 02, 18:05

If I lived in Tombstone with no air conditioning this time of year, my I. Q. would have already gone down the drain with the rest of my sweat.

I once said you were like Billy Clanton in the street fight. No matter how many times you were hit with incontrovertible arguments and facts you kept on firing back as you slowly slid to the ground and then looked for more ammunition. I now take that back.

You're tougher than Billy. At least it was crisp and cold that day.

    • the only thing....Joyce Aros, Wed Jun 02 13:34
      ...that pleases me is that you sound almost sympathetic! I never ask for the moon and I, in all fairness, realize you have your limitations. But now you might understand why I am not always flash... more
      • Re: the only thing.... — Bob Cash, Wed Jun 02 18:05
        • If I didn't know better ...Joyce Aros, Wed Jun 02 18:14
          ...I'd think you were trying to upbuild my confidence with a little flattery...but we both know better. Regards, Joyce
          • Re: If I didn't know better ...Bob Cash, Wed Jun 02 18:45
            It's no fun arguing with someone who's lying on the floor from heat prostration reaching up to the computer keyboard to one finger type a response to something that offended your beloved cowboys (some... more
            • you will be happy to know...Joyce Aros, Wed Jun 02 20:54
              ...that I am a tough old broad and some of that comes from the same kind of background of my beloved cowboys! So don't count me out yet; I may screw up occasionally but I don't let it get me down. I a... more
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