Bob Cash
Re: "they had to fight on sight"
Wed Jun 02, 7:32

Jerry, I think we just have to admit it when Joyce is right. After all, Ike's statements are so vague and open to interpretation, that Spicer's statement that he intended to "shoot them or fight them on sight" can't stand up to scrutiny.

After all when he said "that as soon as the Earps and Doc Holliday showed themselves on the street, the ball would open-that they would have to fight ", perhaps he meant he was going to challenge them to a dance contest.

And when "he stated that the Earp crowd and Doc Holliday had insulted him the night before when he was not heeled; that he had now heeled himself, and that they had to fight on sight", he didn't say it had to be a gunfight. Maybe he was going to challenge all of them to the manly sport of boxing or even arm wrestling. And even if was referring to a gunfight nowhere in the two quotes you cited does he say he means to kill anyone. Maybe he just wanted to wound them or scare them.

In fact, none of the witnesses who quote Ike on his (according to Joyce) totally sober saloon tour testified that Ike specifically said his intention was to kill one or more of the Earps or Holliday.

There is, however, one fly in Joyce's ointment. After Ike was buffaloed and hauled to court by Virg and Morg, R.J. Campbell, Clerk of the Board of Supervisors of Cochise County, testified to this statement by Ike to Morg: "If you fellows had been a second later I would have furnished a Coroner's Inquest for the town!" My admittedly puny powers of interpretation impel me to believe that this means he meant to kill the Earps and Holiday on sight, but luckily they saw him first.

Now I know that this will prompt Joyce's "there something here that does not sound right" or " there's something about Campbell(or Williams, or Lucas, or Borland) that just doesn't sit well with me" defense, to which there is no real answer because it is actually no defense at all.

    • "they had to fight on sight"Jerry Prather, Tue Jun 01 11:32
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      • Re: "they had to fight on sight" — Bob Cash, Wed Jun 02 7:32
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          • Jerry/quite right...Joyce Aros, Tue Jun 01 13:58
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            • Re: Jerry/quite right...Bob Cash, Wed Jun 02 7:44
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