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Wed Jun 02, 2021 2:32

Pam ... this was an article by Mark Boardman which quoted Paul Lee Johnson .. maybe it's in his book ... take care


"My book on the McLaurys came out of my own deep fascination about those events and a special angle (which occurred to me at age 14) that the losers had people who grieved their passing, something that never happened in all the Westerns I ever saw growing up. Later, I made a promise to the McLaurys’ grandnieces that I would write the book."

  • RelativesPam Potter, Tue Jun 01 2021 15:10
    Gobs, Which great nieces did you talk to? Tom and Frank's sister was my great grandmother. And yes, the family was relatively short and stocky.
    • Re: latives — gobs, Wed Jun 02 2021 2:32