Pam Potter
Tue Jun 01, 2021 15:10

Gobs, Which great nieces did you talk to? Tom and Frank's sister was my great grandmother. And yes, the family was relatively short and stocky.

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    Mark Boardman: Nineteen-year-old Billy, on the right, is significantly taller than Frank and Tom (Ben Traywick believes the youngster was about 6‘2“). Next to him is Tom; his specially-made casket is... more
    • Relatives — Pam Potter, Tue Jun 01 2021 15:10
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        Pam ... this was an article by Mark Boardman which quoted Paul Lee Johnson .. maybe it's in his book ... take care "My book... more
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      Did Ben Traywick ever provide the height estimate of 'Ted Ten Eyck'? the ghost writer of the "Tombstone Vendetta" book. Ben once validated the Ted Ten Eyck Manuscript. Just curious?