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gobs/getting out of hand entirely...
Tue Jun 01, 13:46

....apparently you were well rested after your bus excursion as your keyboard didn't need any oiling; it was ready! So I decided to move up here to see if I have enough room to handle all this.

By the way, I understand the traffic problems. Living in Tombstone, I can say this past week-end was probably the most over-crowded I have ever seen. But I often wonder what the attraction is when most folks walk all around just reading their cell phones.

As you disclaim British attraction I can understand the appeal, though, for Yorkshire. My family came from Bransgore and I am Canadian-born. I did enjoy all of the British Isles as well as Israel, Germany and so on.

On with the inevitable. Turner is usually the word relied upon most, I think. My thoughts are not on incontrovertible evidence; something that rarely survives a court case, but I do tend to lean in the direction of logic, reason and superficial agreements if that makes any sense at all.

So I shall try presenting my angle to you and see if our
pages can get shorter.

Where Billy is concerned, there appears to be sufficient support for his not having a gun in his hand before he hit the ground. Both the then coroner as well as a couple of medical men from today's study based on witness testimony at the time seem to be in agreement. The description of the wound in his right wrist is accepted as described by witnesses. If you insist, I can dig up the references from both time periods but I am hoping you will be gullible enough to take my word for it. The boy held out his hands in what we might call a 'stop motion' but I cannot insist on how high up his hands were raised though logic says likely about chest high or so.

Two other witnesses described Billy trying to get his pistol out of the holster on his left side with his left hand. This tells me, for what its worth, that Billy wore a cross-draw because he had been out on the range working and then was asked to go into town. When working in the area of the camp, most cowboys of the time left guns in the wagon. They could really get in the way of roping. As I said before, horses of the time were trained to accept being mounted only from the left side. If one was wearing a gun on the right and mounted, the high swing over the cantle would possibly cause the gun to slip out of the holster. So a rider who needed to be carrying a gun would switch it to the left side of his waist. As most were right-handed, that meant the gun handle had to be situated so that a right hand could grasp it easily, it facing the right reach. Billy may have chosen this method when riding twenty miles or so into town through Apache territory. There is a statement by someone of the time period who claimed Billy was amazingly fast and accurate with a pistol, shooting rows of bottles at a fast gallop and not missing a one. That does not mean he was a gunman.

The existing fact is that Billy had to pull a pistol off his left side with his left hand when the handle faced the wrong way. The gun was in the holster so he could not have drawn it at the start of the shootout. This had to be awkward and he was losing strength and concentration, and of course was in terrible pain.

I will leave our latest discussion here as it is hot today; my house is 140 years old, actually older than me...and I have no air conditioning so am seeking my cooler porch so I can breath.

Welcome back!

    • Of course Billy Clanton wore a cross-draw.Jeff Morey, Sun Jun 13 16:05
      Joyce, First of all, I hope you are as well and happy as the law allows. There is no doubt that Billy Clanton wore his pistol cross-draw fashion in the Street Fight. R.F. Coleman testified: ... more
    • Re: gobs/getting out of hand entirely...Bob Cash, Wed Jun 02 12:44
      Joyce, of all your posts over all these years this is one that I simply cannot believe is true. I'm sorry to question your credibility but I have to say what's on my mind: You live in Tombstone withou... more
      • the only thing....Joyce Aros, Wed Jun 02 13:34
        ...that pleases me is that you sound almost sympathetic! I never ask for the moon and I, in all fairness, realize you have your limitations. But now you might understand why I am not always flash... more
        • Re: the only thing....Bob Cash, Wed Jun 02 18:05
          If I lived in Tombstone with no air conditioning this time of year, my I. Q. would have already gone down the drain with the rest of my sweat. I once said you were like Billy Clanton in the street ... more
          • If I didn't know better ...Joyce Aros, Wed Jun 02 18:14
            ...I'd think you were trying to upbuild my confidence with a little flattery...but we both know better. Regards, Joyce
            • Re: If I didn't know better ...Bob Cash, Wed Jun 02 18:45
              It's no fun arguing with someone who's lying on the floor from heat prostration reaching up to the computer keyboard to one finger type a response to something that offended your beloved cowboys (some... more
              • you will be happy to know...Joyce Aros, Wed Jun 02 20:54
                ...that I am a tough old broad and some of that comes from the same kind of background of my beloved cowboys! So don't count me out yet; I may screw up occasionally but I don't let it get me down. I a... more
    • "The Existing Facts"gobs, Wed Jun 02 3:47
      "estimated to contain around 4.5 million trees, Sheffield has more trees per person than any other city in Europe" Joyce ... yes, the keyboard is the only warm thing at present ... mainly because I... more
      • gobs/a short note...Joyce Aros, Thu Jun 03 15:19 your post you suggested that as most of the evidence was all 'post-mortem'...deduced to fit the 'facts' of Billy being unarmed and bearing the stigmata of innocence when he hit the ground... ... more
        • Re: gobs/a short note...Bob Cash, Fri Jun 04 12:23
          No one testified to seeing when Billy's wrist wound was sustained or that Morgan Earp's fist shot hit Billy's wrist. You say you have gone back over several testimonies to write your note to gobs. Ple... more
        • Maybe ... a longer one ... maybegobs, Fri Jun 04 3:50
          Joyce ... apologies ... there was no sympathy vote intended, just an unwise Biblical metaphor ... what I meant was that I'd necessarily have to accept that he was unarmed, down on the ground and scram... more
          • Wholeheartedly concur with GobbyK.t.K., Fri Jun 04 16:59
            Not to mention the United States Marshal's Service of Arlington, Virginia. In 2006, that entity after doing their own investigation into the shooting affair, Concluded with the following published sta... more
      • Good grief, gobs...Joyce Aros, Wed Jun 02 18:20 that whole paragraph your mailing address? I will send you some artwork as I am assuming you are the anonymous who said they would like some...but the Address? Clarify it for me.
        • Mea Culpagobs, Thu Jun 03 1:51
          Anonymous not me ... but thanks for the offer ... I was just being facetious with the address .. and I hate all telephones, as did my sister and now my niece ... bests
      • Coincidentally Lincolnshire came up today...K.t.K., Wed Jun 02 16:54
        ...on my screensaver background. I think the lush scene is from a golf course which can barely be seen through all the trees. Of course for screensaver they only use the most beautiful or intriguing o... more
        • Good To Have The Factmeister Backgobs, Thu Jun 03 1:57
          Kenny ... that would be the posh part of town ... planted so that us plebs on public transport can't see them spoiling good walks ... I know you play ... cheers
          • Speaking of "public transport" in England I'll have no complaint. Notwithstanding the "Tube" which beginnings are connected to 1875 when American Nathan R. Vail was supervising construction of London’... more
            • Thanksgobs, Thu Jun 03 5:42
              ... if only they were the steam trains of my youth ... again, London's Tube has nowt to do with me ... thanks, Uncle Nate ... did anyone speak to you while [or if] you were on there? ... South Yorkshi... more
            • Addendum WalesK.t.K., Thu Jun 03 5:42
              While visiting Barry, So. Wales, I found this crazy-looking post card long and skinny. On it was the longest word in the Welsh language: Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch. ... more
              • Flanfair-a-go-gogobs, Thu Jun 03 11:47
                Kenny ... yes, the most famous Welsh word which requires a twist in the tongue just to pronounce the first and last eight letters correctly ... you've mention Ted Lewis and Barry peninsula or estuary ... more
                • Re: Flanfair-a-go-goK.t.K., Thu Jun 03 12:30
                  Yes, that's exactly why he adopted the name Ted "Kid" Lewis and proclaimed that welterweight champ to be his personal favorite. We were together in a special clique of 5 to 6 extreme boxing aficionad... more
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