Jerry Prather
Spicer testimony
Tue Jun 01, 13:20


I was leaving that for Bob Cash, since in recent posts I think he pointed out that Behan did not mention Virgil's threats in his hearing testimony; and since neither the prosecution or the defense called Fellehy to testify at the hearing, Fellehy's statement about Virgil's "will kill them on sight" threats, made at the Coroner's Inquest, never made its way before Spicer. I think I have that right. If not, Bob can correct me.


    • Re: "they had to fight on sight"Bob Cash, Wed Jun 02 7:32
      Jerry, I think we just have to admit it when Joyce is right. After all, Ike's statements are so vague and open to interpretation, that Spicer's statement that he intended to "shoot them or fight them ... more
    • no argument on that point....Joyce Aros, Tue Jun 01 12:45 observation is focused on what appears to me as improper wording on the part of a justice sitting on the bench. Especially as he obviously leaned in one direction. As a Judge or Justice in his p... more
      • Spicer testimony — Jerry Prather, Tue Jun 01 13:20
        • Jerry/quite right...Joyce Aros, Tue Jun 01 13:58
          ...yet it seems bothersome that Spicer appears to lean in one direction, especially if you follow up on his next references. I will have to get those out to back myself up as I have accused Spicer of... more
          • Re: Jerry/quite right...Bob Cash, Wed Jun 02 7:44
            Joyce, you are referring to his decision in the hearing. Yes, he is leaning in one direction. That was his job, after hearing all the facts, to lean in one direction or the other. You just happen to n... more
            • Spicer's decision making...Joyce Aros, Wed Jun 02 17:25
              ...I suppose you and I, Bob, have a different sense of justice. I thought the judge's or justice's responsibility was to weigh the evidence or testimony and evaluate it in such a way as to arrive at a... more
              • Spicer's unbalanced decision making...Joyce Aros, Sat Jun 05 17:39
                Justice Spicer used these enlightening words when praising Marshal Virgil Earp's conduct: "...Virgil Earp was at this time the chief of police of Tombstone and charged as such officer by the city ordi... more
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