Joyce Aros
Ganzhorn photo...
Sat May 29, 4:41

...might well be in question. It's hard to be sure about some of these things, but in painting them I studied their features carefully with a magnifying glass and compared what was available. However, the photo does demonstrate their dress style when not out roping and appears reasonable.

I felt confident in the connection. Both men were fairly short, five foot seven or so and very slight difference in their appearance except Frank had a more hardened expression than Tom. Tom demonstrated an easier nature. Comparing features of the sisters was also compatible.

I didn't use the casket reference much. Too distorted, but Frank favoured the 'Imperial,' the little diamond shaped beard under the bottom lip as did Tom at the time.

However, when I painted them, I dressed them as ranchers.

    • Re: gobs/snappy dressers...gobs, Sat May 29 3:22
      Joyce ... I see Paul Johnson has detailed their apparel so I needn't have mentioned the chaps ... is the "dressed to the nines" photo, the one of them in their caskets? ... rather extreme way to impre... more
      • GanzhornPam Potter, Tue Jun 01 15:05
        I am with you on the Ganzhorn. I had it analyzed , compared to the known portrait photos and was told by a forensic expert that the angles were wrong to make any kind of positive ID but that the two... more
        • Re: Ganzhorngobs, Wed Jun 02 2:39
          Pam ... like I mentioned, I'm sure there are plenty of fashion and photography experts in the US who aren't entangled in the eBay-Wikipedia charlatanism ... there are certainly plenty of "experts" ove... more
      • Ganzhorn photo... — Joyce Aros, Sat May 29 4:41
        • Re: Ganzhorn photo...gobs, Sat May 29 7:10
          Mark Boardman: Nineteen-year-old Billy, on the right, is significantly taller than Frank and Tom (Ben Traywick believes the youngster was about 6‘2“). Next to him is Tom; his specially-made casket ... more
          • RelativesPam Potter, Tue Jun 01 15:10
            Gobs, Which great nieces did you talk to? Tom and Frank's sister was my great grandmother. And yes, the family was relatively short and stocky.
            • Re: lativesgobs, Wed Jun 02 2:32
              Pam ... this was an article by Mark Boardman which quoted Paul Lee Johnson .. maybe it's in his book ... take care "My ... more
          • Re: Re: Ganzhorn photo...B.J., Sun May 30 15:56
            Did Ben Traywick ever provide the height estimate of 'Ted Ten Eyck'? the ghost writer of the "Tombstone Vendetta" book. Ben once validated the Ted Ten Eyck Manuscript. Just curious?
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