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gobs/snappy dressers...
Fri May 28, 7:08

...Frank and Billy had just been asked that morning to ride into town with the neighbour rancher they were working with. They had been working for likely a couple weeks gathering a combined herd of about 600 cattle for sale.

Ike and Tom apparently had not been expecting them either and they came in the day before for supplies. More beans, no doubt.

That is why Frank was wearing chaps when he got to town and Billy was not dressed warm enough for the change in town as Coleman mentioned Billy said it was cold. In the hills and working he probably didn't feel it as much.

Note that Tom had been described as wearing a loose shirt hanging out of his waistband. Something more casual and dressier than work clothes as he had already been in town overnight,

The photos of Tom and Frank show them dressed to the nines. Same for Ike who was a sharp dresser in town.

On the ranch, when I washed cowboys jeans, I had to put wire frames inside the legs so that they dried with a crease. They liked to look neat all the time, even working. Modern day cowboys are not as fussy. I ironed their shirts with cast iron Iron heated on the stove. You needed four of them going to keep them hot all the time as they rotated.

Get a haircut!!!

    • No Flowers In My Hairgobs, Fri May 28 2:17
      Joyce ... well, that's told scruffy, hippy old me ... the last time I went to a tonsorial parlo[u]r was 1961 ... wasn't Frank wearing what I'd call chaps or overtrousers having just got in "from the f... more
      • gobs/snappy dressers... — Joyce Aros, Fri May 28 7:08
        • Re: gobs/snappy dressers...gobs, Sat May 29 3:22
          Joyce ... I see Paul Johnson has detailed their apparel so I needn't have mentioned the chaps ... is the "dressed to the nines" photo, the one of them in their caskets? ... rather extreme way to impre... more
          • GanzhornPam Potter, Tue Jun 01 15:05
            I am with you on the Ganzhorn. I had it analyzed , compared to the known portrait photos and was told by a forensic expert that the angles were wrong to make any kind of positive ID but that the two... more
            • Re: Ganzhorngobs, Wed Jun 02 2:39
              Pam ... like I mentioned, I'm sure there are plenty of fashion and photography experts in the US who aren't entangled in the eBay-Wikipedia charlatanism ... there are certainly plenty of "experts" ove... more
          • Ganzhorn photo...Joyce Aros, Sat May 29 4:41
            ...might well be in question. It's hard to be sure about some of these things, but in painting them I studied their features carefully with a magnifying glass and compared what was available. However,... more
            • Re: Ganzhorn photo...gobs, Sat May 29 7:10
              Mark Boardman: Nineteen-year-old Billy, on the right, is significantly taller than Frank and Tom (Ben Traywick believes the youngster was about 6‘2“). Next to him is Tom; his specially-made casket ... more
              • RelativesPam Potter, Tue Jun 01 15:10
                Gobs, Which great nieces did you talk to? Tom and Frank's sister was my great grandmother. And yes, the family was relatively short and stocky.
                • Re: lativesgobs, Wed Jun 02 2:32
                  Pam ... this was an article by Mark Boardman which quoted Paul Lee Johnson .. maybe it's in his book ... take care "My ... more
              • Re: Re: Ganzhorn photo...B.J., Sun May 30 15:56
                Did Ben Traywick ever provide the height estimate of 'Ted Ten Eyck'? the ghost writer of the "Tombstone Vendetta" book. Ben once validated the Ted Ten Eyck Manuscript. Just curious?
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