Re: just to be sure
Wed May 05, 2:12

Paul ... thanks again ... must find that book ... I've never had a car [or a boat], so I do know how these things work ... in Sheffield we had possibly the best cheap, frequent, regular bus service in the world until "someone" deregulated them in 1979 and ... it was the obstacle and the hindrance in their leaving that bemuses and intrigues us ... and short term memory loss doesn't help ... as we'll never know, I was simply looking forward to your "other story" ... as I also know nowt about conveyancing of cash we must presume that Tom was equally bemused and "ready to leave" until fate intervened ... bests

    • just to be surepaul j, Tue May 04 15:20
      gobs - Just to be sure what we're saying when we talk of their "leaving town". It isn't like having the motor run while you quick dash in for a last-minute errand. They had a couple of brief erran... more
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