Eddie Lanham
Wild West History Association
Tue May 04, 17:47

Just to let you know, the Wild West History Association now has a YouTube Channel. The first video has been released, with more on the way, about one per month.
The opening video is about John Wesley Hardin: Wild West History Association, Kurt House, "Myths and Truths in the John Wesley Hardin Legend".
"Many books, articles, movies and other media have created our image of notorious Texas gunman John Wesley Hardin which some say was the greatest gunman of the Old West. These sources are responsible for both myths and truths in what has become the legend of John Wesley Hardin, but much study is required of readers interested in separating myth from truth. This short video by John Wesley Hardin aficionado Kurt House summarizes some of the myths and truths of what has become the legend of "The Baddest Man in Texas". The author has studied Hardin for over 20 years after acquiring one of his guns and many other Hardin artifacts."


    • Great VideoRoy B Young, Wed May 05 8:06
      Eddie, this is a great video. Kurt has done a masterful job with John Wesley Hardin. Congratulations!
      • WWHAEddie Lanham, Wed May 05 15:02
        Thank you Roy! Purpose is to promote WWHA, educational, and entertainment.
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