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McLaury ranch and leaving
Tue May 04, 11:07

Hello, gobs - I don't believe we've met.

Did the McLaurys have tax problems? No. They were assessed in the spring of 1881. The tax was due before the end of the year. In March, 1881, the assessment on their ranch, 140 head of cattle, horses, bridles and saddles came to $1,880. By February, 1882. the unpaid tax due was $66.00 - but it wasn't paid because the brothers were killed. The ranch was in Tom's name after they dissolved their partnership.

So - back to Gary's question: if they were leaving, why hadn't they picked up their guns? I think Bob has answered Ike's dilemma very adequately. The McLaurys had a debt to settle with Bauer & Kehoe ($20) and ought to have paid the property tax before leaving town. It was Tom who had cash on him, but he had emptied the bank account. He left $1,000 in a new account for Frank at the Pima Co. bank. It's not clear who would have paid out the $66 to the County tax collector (Behan) or the County treasurer (John Dunbar).

If they left town the way they came in, Tom would have left with Ike in the wagon that was at West End Corral. Ike would want to collect his guns when he was demonstrably leaving town (seated on the wagon, perhaps). Tom might have collected his gun from the Capitol Saloon en route to the Grand Hotel bar (where Ike's arsenal was). For those people who are convinced that Tom acquired another pistol - he might have abandoned the S&W with Moses and Mehan. It's hard enough to parse what actually happened. We'll never know what might have happened.

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P.S. - Thanks for the link to the Ambrose Lyall info.

    • Re: McLaury Ranchgobs, Tue May 04 6:00
      Eddie ... willing to share? ... did you and Paul Johnson ever sort out the McLaury property? ... did they have a record of tax problems? ... does any of it give any sort of answer to Gary's question?... more
      • McLauryEddie Lanham, Tue May 04 16:22
        I did consult with Paul. There has been about 4 or 5 possible locations of the McLaury Ranch in the Valley. I think I have found the exact location, which I will be glad to share once I finish my re... more
      • McLaury ranch and leaving — paul j, Tue May 04 11:07
        • Cheersgobs, Tue May 04 12:16
          Paul ... thanks ... I would have searched your book to find some details, but, as I've explained recently, they've become hard to access ... I was just intrigued by your "other story" ... so, if they ... more
          • just to be surepaul j, Tue May 04 15:20
            gobs - Just to be sure what we're saying when we talk of their "leaving town". It isn't like having the motor run while you quick dash in for a last-minute errand. They had a couple of brief erran... more
            • Re: just to be suregobs, Wed May 05 2:12
              Paul ... thanks again ... must find that book ... I've never had a car [or a boat], so I do know how these things work ... in Sheffield we had possibly the best cheap, frequent, regular bus service in... more
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