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Tue May 04, 6:00

Eddie ... willing to share? ... did you and Paul Johnson ever sort out the McLaury property? ... did they have a record of tax problems? ... does any of it give any sort of answer to Gary's question? ... like, were they on their way to pay ... where, if anywhere would they have settled up? ... was it close by Fly's? ... thanks and, as ever, take care


Was Mathers armed? ... shot from across the street while the assailant was safe under the cover of the Corral? ... I'm presuming the O.H. Corrall is a misprint?

"Tombstone, A. T., January 17th.1885— At about 4 30 o'clock this morning a colored man named Alexander Mathers, known as "Alick," was shot and fatally wounded by Allen H.Davis, an employee O.H. Corrall. The shooting occurred at the corner of Fourth and Allen streets. Alick was standing in front of the Occidental Hotel when Davis fired from the opposite side of the street, the ball striking Alick in the left side below the ribs, passing through the intestines and lodging in the skin of the right side. The weapon used was a Winchester rifle. After being shot Alick staggered into the street and fell. He was picked up and removed to the hospital. He lived about two hours. Davis was arrested and lodged in jail. Davis was interviewed by an Alta reporter. He stated that Alick had attempted to break into his house on the previous night and had made threats against his life. Davis is now under indictment for assault to murder for putting out a man's eye some months since. About 6:30 p.m. Ambrose Lyall, a wealthy rancher of Sulphur Spring Valley, was also arrested as an accessory to the murder and was committed to jail."

1885: 16 November [60]
The Daily Tombstone (Tombstone, Ariz.), November 16, 1885
The Court order that the bail bond of Ambrose Lyall be exonerated and defendant discharged.

    • Re: On their wayBob Cash, Mon May 03 7:42
      Possibly, they thought it would be safer for their aching heads if they got in their wagon first and picked up their weapons when nobody could dispute they were on their way out of town. We know Ike t... more
      • Re: Re: On their wayBob Cash, Mon May 03 8:40
        I unintentionally pressed "post message" before finishing. Billy and Frank had thier horses and could have said they were headed out of town and we know Blly's wanted to get Ike out of danger, but,... more
    • McLaury RanchEddie Lanham, Mon May 03 4:07
      Family history states that the brothers were in town on business, including paying their property tax, before heading to the wedding in Iowa. Taxes were not paid which is a whole other story.
      • Re: McLaury Ranch — gobs, Tue May 04 6:00
        • McLauryEddie Lanham, Tue May 04 16:22
          I did consult with Paul. There has been about 4 or 5 possible locations of the McLaury Ranch in the Valley. I think I have found the exact location, which I will be glad to share once I finish my re... more
        • McLaury ranch and leavingpaul j, Tue May 04 11:07
          Hello, gobs - I don't believe we've met. Did the McLaurys have tax problems? No. They were assessed in the spring of 1881. The tax was due before the end of the year. In March, 1881, the asses... more
          • Cheersgobs, Tue May 04 12:16
            Paul ... thanks ... I would have searched your book to find some details, but, as I've explained recently, they've become hard to access ... I was just intrigued by your "other story" ... so, if they ... more
            • just to be surepaul j, Tue May 04 15:20
              gobs - Just to be sure what we're saying when we talk of their "leaving town". It isn't like having the motor run while you quick dash in for a last-minute errand. They had a couple of brief erran... more
              • Re: just to be suregobs, Wed May 05 2:12
                Paul ... thanks again ... must find that book ... I've never had a car [or a boat], so I do know how these things work ... in Sheffield we had possibly the best cheap, frequent, regular bus service in... more
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