Tom Gaumer
Anyone know where this TV episode was?
Mon May 03, 3:15

I thought it was on The Westerner with Brian Keith but have seen the 13 regular season shows and the pilot and it is not there. I still think that but it seems to clash with the facts!!! I thought briefly it was on a show called Tate but no.

Here is a summary of the episode. A wandering person in the Old West asks permission to sleep in a womans barn for the night. She agrees and offers him a home cooked dinner to go with it. They talk and she mentions she is going to be evicted the next morning by the bank because she cannot pay the last two mortgage payments as her husband has died. She is a very attractive woman and the westerner ends up spending the night with her. The bank should give her the last two payments but they won't if they are talking to her but if the wanderer is there they probably will as he is a very tough guy and he will feel the need to protect the woman. He will project an attitude that will cause the banker to see the light.
He has realized that is why she is keeping him there and after breakfast he hurries to take care of his horse and get away. While he is hurrying the banker arrives and the wanderer is unhappy because he knows he has to help the woman and she has taken advantage of him. He is semi amused at his situation and he convinces the banker they don't need the last two mortgage payments With only a hint of the force that might come into play and an image of a man who isn't kidding. The interplay between the woman and the westerner was great, I thought.

Does anyone have any idea where I saw this western show? Could there have been an additional Westerner episode beyond the 13 and the pilot?

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