Tom Gaumer
I am a geezer and thus forgetful. You
Sat May 01, 21:29


would have a better chance of seeing it by sending me your US mail address and receiving a copy by mail

If you choose to bet on a geezers memory, do not bet any more than you can afford to lose:-).My email is still

Keep Laughing

    • Good to knowBen Harleman, Fri Apr 30 11:40
      I'm thinking those other links might be the images you're talking about, but unfortunately, they're not loading. At least not on my phone or PC. Would you mind if I get a physical copy from you so I c... more
      • I am a geezer and thus forgetful. You — Tom Gaumer, Sat May 01 21:29
        • I put a copy in my car just for you. NowAnonymous, Fri May 07 13:39
          Ben One of us needs to remember it is in my car. Keep Laughing Tom
          • Better than me!Ben Harleman, Sat May 08 3:58
            Tom, thanks so much for thinking to do that!! You're doing better than I am, I d already forgotten to email you. I would've shown up kicking myself because I'd totally spaced it. I greatly appreciate ... more
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