Jerry Prather
No, I take that back.
Sat May 01, 13:40

I still don't believe him. Now things are back to normal.

    • The Pure Prairie League Moves To Arizona — gobs, Sun May 02 2:21
      Thanks, Bob ... I'm getting the hang of this malarkey ... loathe as I am to mount [from whatever side] this eternal merry-go-round, certain things drive me to it ... resorting to mild character assas... more
    • Wes makes sense! — Jerry Prather, Sat May 01 13:15
      I am glad to learn Wes said something that actually made sense and had a chance of occurring in the real world. Now I can take the rest of the day off. Jerry
      • No, I take that back. — Jerry Prather, Sat May 01 13:40
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