Jerry Prather
ps: Fly's open space
Sat May 01, 13:03

Trying to make sense of Fuller's testimony is a real mission impossible. Going by what's in Turner "He tells of the space between Fly's and other building, and says he saw Tom McLaury there" it sounds like Tom entered the lot and was between Fly's and the other building, which would be Harwood's. Anyway that's what I always thought he was saying. But in the testimony from the Nugget it seems that the only "open space in Fly's building" would be the area between Fly's boarding house and the photo gallery. Since he says he saw Ike "pass right out a head of Tom" and we know Ike exited the rear of Fly's, he is saying Tom also went out Fly's back door following Ike. Since he says Tom is staggering and moving slow, he has already been shot. I tried another interpretation of what was in the Nugget to try and get Tom exiting the front of the lot, but there's no way to get that to match with what Fuller said. Tom's trip to the corner of Third and Fremont gets even weirder....and I thought reading the testimony from The Nugget would make things clearer - silly me.

    • Seems like I've been here beforeJerry Prather, Sat May 01 7:42
      After actually starting to read Steve Gatto's page, it did appear to be familiar, especially those brown lines that run thru the testimony. I probably forgot about it because it wasn't complete. Also... more
      • Re: Seems like I've been here beforeBob Cash, Sat May 01 12:48
        Wes is a hard one to understand, some of his testimony being close to nonsensical. He admits he had been drinking heavily during the two previous days, but says he had not drunk a thing by 2PM on the ... more
        • The Pure Prairie League Moves To Arizonagobs, Sun May 02 2:21
          Thanks, Bob ... I'm getting the hang of this malarkey ... loathe as I am to mount [from whatever side] this eternal merry-go-round, certain things drive me to it ... resorting to mild character assas... more
        • Wes makes sense!Jerry Prather, Sat May 01 13:15
          I am glad to learn Wes said something that actually made sense and had a chance of occurring in the real world. Now I can take the rest of the day off. Jerry
          • No, I take that back.Jerry Prather, Sat May 01 13:40
            I still don't believe him. Now things are back to normal. Jerry
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