Jerry Prather
Fuller in Turner
Fri Apr 30, 14:28

In Turner Wes Fuller says that seven or eight shots were fired by the Earps before Frank drew his pistol-page 71. On page 72 he talks about Frank fooling with a horse and trying to get the rifle until seven or eight shots were fired and then "staggering up the street". That sounds like what the Earps claimed Tom was doing. He says he didn't see Tom except for the beginning of the shooting and then after the end of the fight. In Turner there is much paraphrasing of what Fuller said - "he states", "he said", "he relates" instead of actual testimony. The usual thing that drives us crazy when reading Turner's Inquest. Does anyone have what Fuller really said from the Nugget or Epitaph? That would be greatly appreciated.

  • ...scabbard on his horse after about 7 to 8 shots had been fired? And what witness directly contradicted this by testifying that Frank begun to fire his pistol after 7 or 8 shots has been fired?
    • Fuller in Turner — Jerry Prather, Fri Apr 30 14:28
      • Re: Fuller in TurnerBob Cash, Fri Apr 30 14:41
        Your answer is correct and your prize is not from me but from Steve Gatto. His Tombstone Historical Page has Fuller's testimony from either the Nugget or the Epitaph: https://tombstonehistory.tri... more
        • Golly!!!Jerry Prather, Fri Apr 30 15:03
          Many thanks, Bob! Somehow I did not know about Steve Gatto's Tombstone Historical Page. I will bookmark it and drench myself in its wonderfulness. It will be great not to have to rely on Turner's crum... more
          • Turner's crumbsBob Cash, Fri Apr 30 15:32
            If you look closer, Jerry, I'm afraid we'll all have to rely on Turner's crumbs for almost everything past Wes's testimony. Steve, for some reason, did not complete the painfully boring, time consumin... more
            • Seems like I've been here beforeJerry Prather, Sat May 01 7:42
              After actually starting to read Steve Gatto's page, it did appear to be familiar, especially those brown lines that run thru the testimony. I probably forgot about it because it wasn't complete. Also... more
              • ps: Fly's open spaceJerry Prather, Sat May 01 13:03
                Trying to make sense of Fuller's testimony is a real mission impossible. Going by what's in Turner "He tells of the space between Fly's and other building, and says he saw Tom McLaury there" it sounds... more
              • Re: Seems like I've been here beforeBob Cash, Sat May 01 12:48
                Wes is a hard one to understand, some of his testimony being close to nonsensical. He admits he had been drinking heavily during the two previous days, but says he had not drunk a thing by 2PM on the ... more
                • The Pure Prairie League Moves To Arizonagobs, Sun May 02 2:21
                  Thanks, Bob ... I'm getting the hang of this malarkey ... loathe as I am to mount [from whatever side] this eternal merry-go-round, certain things drive me to it ... resorting to mild character assas... more
                • Wes makes sense!Jerry Prather, Sat May 01 13:15
                  I am glad to learn Wes said something that actually made sense and had a chance of occurring in the real world. Now I can take the rest of the day off. Jerry
                  • No, I take that back.Jerry Prather, Sat May 01 13:40
                    I still don't believe him. Now things are back to normal. Jerry
        • Highlight the text to make it readable (nm)Bob Cash, Fri Apr 30 14:42
          • But then...Joyce Aros, Sat May 01 11:15
   has to ask the logical question; why would Frank be attempting to get the rifle out of the scabbard when he already had a gun in his hand? Distance would not be the need in this situation. I... more
            • Re: But then...Dan Brown, Thu May 06 8:24
              Eye witnesses are notoriously unreliable. How long was the gunfight? Approximately 30 seconds. Give or take. How long was Fuller's testimony? The individual testimonies were longer than the fight itse... more
            • Re: But then...Bob Cash, Sat May 01 16:49
              I don't think Frank did try to get the rifle, or get on the horse, but as I've said about Tom, even if armed with a pistol (and with only five shots, according to your informd opinion) if you are up a... more
              • I cannot imagine either one...Joyce Aros, Sat May 01 19:06
                ...of the brothers wanting a rifle when the threat was so close. The convenience and the lighter weight of the handgun would be the safety factor if there was such a thing. Using up valuable energy to... more
                • Re: I cannot imagine either one...Dan Brown, Thu May 06 8:32
                  The fly in the buttermilk is that you're suggesting that in the extreme heat of the moment the participants were thinking logically, and that, as bullets began flying, they would weigh the advantages ... more
                  • I am thinking in the...Joyce Aros, Fri May 07 14:53
                    ...extreme heat of the moment, they are not thinking at all; simply reacting instinctively to save themselves. There is probably no moment in which they gave anyone else a thought. Fear and shock can ... more
                    • Well then , reverse logic...Dan Brown, Fri May 07 22:45
                      There are many combat stories of people performing illogical or unlikely actions understress. I know of a police officer who entered a bank during a robbery, holding a shotgun, but when pressed into s... more
                      • reverse logic...Joyce Aros, Sat May 08 6:17
               true. I think your policemen probably instinctively went for the pistol with his right hand, instinctevly,as it was likely on his right side and that was almost a natural reaction based on years... more
                • Re: I cannot imagine either one...Bob Cash, Thu May 06 7:41
                  "If I can recall somewhat, Coleman described Billy as firing two or three shots from a crouching position, steadying the gun on his knee. That doesn't sound like standing." Joyce, you are right, yo... more
                  • Coleman and me...Joyce Aros, Fri May 07 9:17
                    ...Bob, I went back to Coleman in the Inquest to sharpen up my dimmer switch. I am still having trouble with him and his delivery. He described himself and Billy Allen as walking along Fremont to t... more
                    • Re: Coleman and me...Bob Cash, Fri May 07 13:43
                      Apparently you did not read to the end of my post the same way you did not read to the end of Coleman's testimony because you fail to respond to my quoting him as saying, "I DO NOT THINK THAT BILLY CL... more
                      • Jerk Reactionsgobs, Sat May 08 2:42
                        Bob ... my usual excuse of not having my books to hand [and a short term memory], but did the autopsy note any wound to Billy's wrist? ... I've always presumed that Billy dropped his gun and went down... more
                      • So are you relying on Coleman ....Joyce Aros, Fri May 07 14:36
               dispel all other testimony regarding the original shots fired into Billy's gun hand when he was standing with his hands up and out, shots fired by Morgan and then Virgil, according to Virgil? ... more
                        • So are you relying on Allen?Bob Cash, Fri May 07 17:09
                          Joyce, can you please quote directly "all the other testimony regarding the original shots fired into Billy's gun hand"? Also, please quote Virg's testimony where he mentions Morg shooting, as I don't... more
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