Bob Cash
Re: Fellehy was unclear enough that
Thu Apr 29, 16:38

I don't know if there were any lawyers among the coroner's jury that heard Fellehey's statement.

Here's most of Mrs. Collier's statement and Steve Gatto's take on it.

Steve Gatto
Millie Collier's Story
Sat Apr 13, 6:06

I personally have some doubts that Millie Collier and her children Emma and Josie, along with her sister-in-law Alice Collier and her children Maud, John, Alice, and Albert, were in Tombstone at the time of the gunfight on October 26, 1881. Nonetheless, if Millie and her family had actually arrived in Arizona by October 26, it seems somewhat unlikely that Millie and Alice would load up themselves and their combined six children and then travel roughly two hours in a wagon from Emery City to Tombstone, which is a distance of roughly eight to ten miles. Even more so since Charleston is closer to Emery City.

Still, for the sake of discussion, let’s say that Millie Collier was in Tombstone on the day of the gunfight and sitting in a wagon near the corner of Fremont and Fourth Street in front of the post office when the Earp brothers and Doc Holliday walked by them on their way to the vacant lot which was more than 150 feet away. First, after Millie Collier states in the Epitaph article that they were in a wagon in front of the post office, the article then presents her summary of what occurred that day. Millie states that the sheriff approached the Earps and said, “For God’s sake, boys, don’t go down there or there’ll will be war.” In response, Millie says that the “chief of police told him he must go, that it was his duty to disarm the cow-boys who had been making threats against the officers.” Now, does anyone on this board truly believe that Millie Collier actually heard Behan’s words to the Earp party and Virgil’s so-called response? Behan met the Earp party near Bauer’s Market, which would have still been a considerable distance from where Millie parked her wagon. Thus, it is doubtful that she would have heard the words exchanged between Behan and Virgil.

Second, Millie’s story continues with her stating that the Earps “approached the cow-boys and told them to hold up their hands” but the “cow-boys opened fire on them.” Again, Millie is in a wagon, over 150 feet away on the same side of the street, and from that position how could she have heard Virgil tell the cowboys to hold up their hands? Further, from her position how could she have seen who fired the first shots? After all, even Virgil had noted that once the Earp party got near Bauer’s Market the cowboys had moved into the vacant lot and out of sight. Indeed, Virgil testified concerning his view of the cowboys from his position near Bauer’s shop, “We could not see them; all we could was about half a horse.” So if Virgil could not see the cowboys in the vacant lot from his position on the south side of Fremont Street, how could Millie see them at the start of the gunfight while in the wagon roughly 150 feet away on the same side of the street as Virgil? Not to mention that there were potentially other people standing behind the Earps and in the the way of Millie’s view at the start of the gunfight. No, the truth of the matter is that Millie Collier, if she was in Tombstone that day, could not have heard what she said was spoken and could not have seen what had transpired at the start of the gunfight.

After the gunfight erupts, Millie story continues, "One of the cow-boys after he had been shot three times, raised himself up on his elbow, and shot one of the officers and fell back dead." Millie's reference to this cowboy would likely be Billy Clanton who after being shot fell against the side of a building, slowly slide to the ground, and reportedly fired his pistol from the ground. Nevertheless, it doesn't seem likely that Millie would have been able to see Billy Clanton fron he position roughly 150 feet down the street because Billy was on the ground against the building inside the vacant lot. In short, I don't believe that Millie's angle of view would have enabled her to see Billy lying on the ground in the vacant lot.

Millie also says "Another used his horse as a barricade and shot under his neck." While Millie's position may have allowed her to see such an event, it doesn't seem plausible to me that she would have seen this if it occurred. I would think her first reaction to the gunfire would be to grab and huddle with the children in the wagon in order to protect them rather than sit there observing the gunfight.

In my opinion, Millie’s story was merely a summary of what occurred that day that almost assuredly was based on what she had heard in town and what she read in the newspapers. Sure, if she was in town she would have seen the Earp party pass by her in the wagon and she very easily could have seen that they were “armed to the teeth.” Millie would also have been able to see Behan approach the Earps and the Earps proceed on to the vacant lot to confront the cowboys. However, her story about what Behan said to Virgil and Virgil’s response to Behan, or Virgil’s telling the cowboys to hold up their hands, was not based on what she actually heard. Likewise, Millie statement that the cowboys opened fire on the Earps to start the gunfight is not from what she personally saw because she would not have been able to see who fired the first shots from where she was sitting in the wagon. At best, her impression may have been such but she did not actually see the cowboys fire the first shots. Similarly, it's doubtful that she could have seen Billy on the ground in the vacant lot.

In actuality, the best explanation for her account of what occurred at the start of the gunfight and during the exchange of gunfire was that it is mostly based on what she had heard in town after the gunfight and what she had read in the newspapers.

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