Tom Gaumer
Fellehy was unclear enough that
Thu Apr 29, 15:46


someone should have asked him to restate his words with an emphasis on clarity and what exactly he was trying to say, in my opinion. Too bad there were no lawyers from some other part of the country available to help him be clear

Someone needs to put up the Whole interview with Mrs. Colyer or a link to it. Bob?

Keep laughing

    • Re: The board rejected my email up above. — Bob Cash, Thu Apr 29 15:15
      I think Felehey may have seen both McLaurys with pistols, but I think it very doubtful Mrs. Collier saw Tom. I think she is referring to Frank. Frank was bent over from the slug in his gut and from he... more
      • Fellehy was unclear enough that — Tom Gaumer, Thu Apr 29 15:46
        • Re: Fellehy was unclear enough that — Bob Cash, Thu Apr 29 16:38
          I don't know if there were any lawyers among the coroner's jury that heard Fellehey's statement. Here's most of Mrs. Collier's statement and Steve Gatto's take on it. Steve Gatto Millie Colli... more
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