I'm am more confused by 9:oo in the
Thu Apr 29, 15:29


morning than most people are all day. Just ask Kenny.

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    • It confused me ...gobs, Thu Apr 29 1:56
      I have the original issue, but the "tab" with the heading Article 2 in fainter ink certainly fooled me ... that's easy enough, Tom will say ... is there a link to Doctor Roberts'[s] revolutionary* art... more
      • No luckBen Harleman, Fri Apr 30 13:45
        I did a bit of perusing, but only within the website, and couldn't turn up anything resembling the article you mentioned. Of course, it's entirely possible it's there and I was simply outsmarted by th... more
        • Re: No luckgobs, Fri Apr 30 13:53
          Ben ... thanks for going to all that trouble, but as I said I have the relevant OK Corral issue ... just thought that others would like the link so that we could all discuss ... look after yourself
          • Re: No luck, againgobs, Fri Apr 30 14:09
            Ben ... looked on the archive pages and noticed that my October 2006 issue had a special cover, different from that online ... looks like if you cough up four or five dollars you're able to read every... more
    • Ben are not shown and a couple of quotes also. The first is a full page picture of Tom McLaury with this quote from journalist and letter writer Clara S. Brown. ""At the Inquest yesterday; the da... more
      • Good to knowBen Harleman, Fri Apr 30 11:40
        I'm thinking those other links might be the images you're talking about, but unfortunately, they're not loading. At least not on my phone or PC. Would you mind if I get a physical copy from you so I c... more
        • I am a geezer and thus forgetful. YouTom Gaumer, Sat May 01 21:29
          Ben would have a better chance of seeing it by sending me your US mail address and receiving a copy by mail If you choose to bet on a geezers memory, do not bet any more than you can afford to l... more
          • I put a copy in my car just for you. NowAnonymous, Fri May 07 13:39
            Ben One of us needs to remember it is in my car. Keep Laughing Tom
            • Better than me!Ben Harleman, Sat May 08 3:58
              Tom, thanks so much for thinking to do that!! You're doing better than I am, I d already forgotten to email you. I would've shown up kicking myself because I'd totally spaced it. I greatly appreciate ... more
    • Thank you, Ben.Bob Cash, Wed Apr 28 22:28
      I thought it was on, but I looked for it today for about ten minutes and couldn't find it. It is an essential article on the street fight.
      • And, of course, Jeff's and Casey's article...Anonymous, Wed Apr 28 22:43 essential, too. Thanks for letting people know how to access both. Now if we could just get something by Joyce on that web site.
        • You bet!Ben Harleman, Fri Apr 30 12:00
          Glad to be able to share. Back when I started down this Earp/Tombstone road I couldn't buy all the books I wanted and needed so I found and saved just about every article I could find. So fortunately ... more
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