Parsons, Sutton-Taylor Page 139
Thu Apr 29, 3:10

Kenny ... wouldn't Ed be about 34? ... he looks pretty old in the one in the book with James C. Taylor and Ed Harris, taken in Powder Horn, Calhoun County ... supposedly sometime in the early seventies ... do you think he looks the typical Texas madman? ... enough to make Jim Miller look like a deacon? ... wouldn't this episode have been the ideal time to ring the triangle before fleeing the scene? ... or was Wyatt caught "in flagrante delicto"? ... bests ... Michael

  • Gobby in WichitaK.t.K., Wed Apr 28 3:26
    I've got the photo of my kin, Edward Jasper Glover. This dude looks scarier and more determined than Mannen Clements. No wonder poor Wyatt had to get help from worldly wise Bessie Earp later in the ... more
    • Parsons, Sutton-Taylor Page 139 — gobs, Thu Apr 29 3:10
      • Re: Parsons, Sutton-Taylor Page 139K.t.K., Thu Apr 29 7:16
        I believe the photo you are talking about was taken mid-March 1874. Powder Horn on the Gulf Coast was right close to Indianola, where James and Billy Taylor assassinated William Sutton and G. W. Slaug... more
        • You Handsome Devilgobs, Thu Apr 29 7:47
          Kenny ... don't know if this is one you have, or if you can still get onto your own Facebook, but I've sent Glover, Taylor & Harris ... thanks again for info
          • disasterK.t.K., Thu Apr 29 8:27
            Don't have a clue. All I did was right-click to save photo - minimized - then clicked back to view the message, and poof. Totally gone. Is the pond too wide, or am I that damned technically challen... more
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