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Thanks Ben. That's the text. Some pictures and drawings are
Wed Apr 28, 23:25


are not shown and a couple of quotes also.
The first is a full page picture of Tom McLaury with this quote from journalist and letter writer Clara S. Brown.
""At the Inquest yesterday; the damaging fact was ascertained that only two of the cowboys were armed, it thus being a most unequal fight."

Then a very interesting drawing from above the fight site showing the eight men and two horses.

Then a drawing of the fight in the wrong place, the Fremont entrance to the OK Corral. It was west of there at Fly's.

Then a large picture looking west on Allen Street from near the Oriental with this quote in it, "I did not see Tom McLaury with a pistol. My mind is a little confused about that part of it."--Ruben C. Coleman" [If he can be confused being a partial eye witness, we are allowed to be confused also]

Then pictures of Wyatt and Frank.

Then a drawing Wyatt and John Flood made of the gunfight area in the 1920s that took them 6 hours. It is very faint, magnifying glass needed.

Lee Silva makes his point clearly and it needs to be considered by anyone interested in this subject.
He doesn't mention Keefe at all but seems to say Fuller took the gun from the little house, meaning Keefes identifying it later in court won't fly well.

I won't hate you. LOL The whole idea is for those interested to read and reach their own conclusion or decide a sure conclusion is not possible. The discussion is intended to be fun and hopefully interesting. The conclusions are for each person to make to satisfy themselves.
Who knows if Tom was armed or not?
Keep Laughing

    • Article linkBen Harleman, Wed Apr 28 20:22
      Hi Tom, I actually had this bookmarked and thought I'd post it up here in case it can save some stamp and envelope fees. Assuming this is the same article, that is, but I'm pretty sure everything Kenn... more
      • It confused me ...gobs, Thu Apr 29 1:56
        I have the original issue, but the "tab" with the heading Article 2 in fainter ink certainly fooled me ... that's easy enough, Tom will say ... is there a link to Doctor Roberts'[s] revolutionary* art... more
        • No luckBen Harleman, Fri Apr 30 13:45
          I did a bit of perusing, but only within the website, and couldn't turn up anything resembling the article you mentioned. Of course, it's entirely possible it's there and I was simply outsmarted by th... more
          • Re: No luckgobs, Fri Apr 30 13:53
            Ben ... thanks for going to all that trouble, but as I said I have the relevant OK Corral issue ... just thought that others would like the link so that we could all discuss ... look after yourself
            • Re: No luck, againgobs, Fri Apr 30 14:09
              Ben ... looked on the archive pages and noticed that my October 2006 issue had a special cover, different from that online ... looks like if you cough up four or five dollars you're able to read every... more
      • Thanks Ben. That's the text. Some pictures and drawings are — Tom Gaumer, Wed Apr 28 23:25
        • Good to knowBen Harleman, Fri Apr 30 11:40
          I'm thinking those other links might be the images you're talking about, but unfortunately, they're not loading. At least not on my phone or PC. Would you mind if I get a physical copy from you so I c... more
          • I am a geezer and thus forgetful. YouTom Gaumer, Sat May 01 21:29
            Ben would have a better chance of seeing it by sending me your US mail address and receiving a copy by mail If you choose to bet on a geezers memory, do not bet any more than you can afford to l... more
            • I put a copy in my car just for you. NowAnonymous, Fri May 07 13:39
              Ben One of us needs to remember it is in my car. Keep Laughing Tom
              • Better than me!Ben Harleman, Sat May 08 3:58
                Tom, thanks so much for thinking to do that!! You're doing better than I am, I d already forgotten to email you. I would've shown up kicking myself because I'd totally spaced it. I greatly appreciate ... more
      • Thank you, Ben.Bob Cash, Wed Apr 28 22:28
        I thought it was on, but I looked for it today for about ten minutes and couldn't find it. It is an essential article on the street fight.
        • And, of course, Jeff's and Casey's article...Anonymous, Wed Apr 28 22:43
 essential, too. Thanks for letting people know how to access both. Now if we could just get something by Joyce on that web site.
          • You bet!Ben Harleman, Fri Apr 30 12:00
            Glad to be able to share. Back when I started down this Earp/Tombstone road I couldn't buy all the books I wanted and needed so I found and saved just about every article I could find. So fortunately ... more
    • The board rejected my email up above.Tom Gaumer, Wed Apr 28 13:29
      Here is an attempt to post it down here.
      • Re: The board rejected my email up above.Bob Cash, Thu Apr 29 15:15
        I think Felehey may have seen both McLaurys with pistols, but I think it very doubtful Mrs. Collier saw Tom. I think she is referring to Frank. Frank was bent over from the slug in his gut and from he... more
        • Fellehy was unclear enough thatTom Gaumer, Thu Apr 29 15:46
          Bob someone should have asked him to restate his words with an emphasis on clarity and what exactly he was trying to say, in my opinion. Too bad there were no lawyers from some other part of the ... more
          • Re: Fellehy was unclear enough thatBob Cash, Thu Apr 29 16:38
            I don't know if there were any lawyers among the coroner's jury that heard Fellehey's statement. Here's most of Mrs. Collier's statement and Steve Gatto's take on it. Steve Gatto Millie Colli... more
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