Tom Gaumer
I don't understand your use of the word supposition
Wed Apr 28, 11:41


in this context?

The Coroner only saw two Colts. Keefe claimed he saw the S&W in the coroners office at lunch. The two Colts were brought into court and Keefe identified one of them as the same S&W he had likewise done in the Coroners office and at the pace where Tom died. He was asked to look closer and he determined that he was wrong and the gun he had picked was a Colt. He also said the other gun on the table was a Colt. In my opinion the reason this was done was to show that Keefe's claim of another gun was not credible.

I did not declare Fellehy visually impaired. I said a man a block away cannot see as well as a man right next to Tom and who helped carry him into the room where he died. You are the only person in the whole world that believes distance from an object improves your view of it.

I was once familiar with what Mrs. Collyer said in her interview but have not seen the WHOLE article in years. I remember, I think, she said she saw a cowboy shoot under his horses neck. Why don't you post here the whole article involving Mrs. Collyer. Or If you will send it to me I will see that anyone interested gets a copy.

I am trying to support the point of view that Tom was unarmed. For those that agree with me this time, including Joyce, glad to have you. For those that don't, I am equally glad to have you. The more people that think about it and give an opinion the more we can all learn something and have a good discussion.

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    • Re: The Coroner produced the weapon thatK.t.K., Wed Apr 28 2:51
      There is no supposition in the fact that the Coroner never saw the Smith & Wesson. It was not Keefe, but rather Wes Fuller who identified three spent cartridge's in the third weapon. Supposition e... more
      • I don't understand your use of the word supposition — Tom Gaumer, Wed Apr 28 11:41
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