Bob Cash
Re: Bob, first, my apology...
Wed Apr 28, 2021 8:10

Apology excepted (not a missprlling). Re-reading my original post about Wyatt supposedly telling Clum that Tom was unarmed but ran to a horse to get a gun, I can see how you may have thought I believed this was the true story because of this sentence: "Maybe Clum finally broke from the party line and at some point told Carr what Wyatt told him aboout what REALLY happened." I was actually being a bit sarcastic with my sarcasm aimed at Wystt because this would have been his fourth version of what Tom's actions were in the fight.

To be clear, this may have been what actually happened, but because of Wyatt's multiple versions, his confession to Clun (if he actually did make it) can't be used to verify it happening.

As to the great amount of misinformation in your post, rest assured, sweet friend, I will return to do more damage to it than Doc's shgotgun did to Tom, but I have to get back to work on my paying job now.