Tom Gaumer
Keefes fear of exposure is an ok theory. It is not a fact.
Tue Apr 27, 13:52


If Keefe wanted to avoid publicity he could have avoided testifying at all by claiming he didn't see anything about Tom being unarmed with no gun near him. He could have avoided testifying about the Smith and Wesson also. Then he would not have gone to court or been exposed as a one of the all time worst witnesses in the whole world. LOL

He did point out the S&W in the Coroners office as he himself said in his testimony. Then he was asked to do it again in court and he proved he didn't know a S&w from a donkey. I think he was asked to do it in court to show the worthless nature of his testimony--my theory only.

You grab onto his claim about the S&W based on your commitment to Tom being armed, not the facts. Did you notice Wes Fuller was not called to back Keefe up? Did you notice no one else backed him up? I'll bet not as it doesn't fit your desire for it to be true.

I try to go by the facts as much as possible. Therefore the chances of the existence of your S&W is real close to zero.
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    • Gaumer wrong on all counts.K.t.K., Mon Apr 26 7:27
      Because pertinent facts are not to be found in the faulty Turner book coveted by the ignorant. There is no theory needed about Tom Keefe's fear of extradition for his unresolved attempted murder ca... more
      • Keefes fear of exposure is an ok theory. It is not a fact. — Tom Gaumer, Tue Apr 27 13:52
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