Bob Cash
Re: Horses For Causes
Tue Apr 27, 7:12

Gobs, I don't think it was Joyce's supposition. I think what she was respondinding to was my description of William McLeod Raine's account in his 1927 article HELLDORADO in which he says that, already wounded, Tom held on to Billy's horse's saddle horn to keep from falling while he tried to unstrap the rifle.

    • Horses For Causesgobs, Tue Apr 27 2:21
      Mr Cash ... I'm with you in that I have no place for conjecture ... we might as well all go home now ... but are you willing to accept Joyce's new [to me] supposition that Tom attempted to get the rif... more
      • Re: Horses For Causes — Bob Cash, Tue Apr 27 7:12
        • Profuse apologies from this 75 year old ...gobs, Tue Apr 27 10:00
          but is Breakenridge now a reliable eyewitness? ... am I the only person who hasn't read this? ... cheers
          • Re: Profuse apologies from this 75 year old ...Bob Cash, Tue Apr 27 11:12
            Breakenridge was not in town on the day of the street fight, so I don't know where Raine got this story. Raine was in Arizona for a fair amount of time in the early 1900's so I suppose he got it then.... more
            • Thanksgobs, Tue Apr 27 11:14
              A fine synopsis ... again, take care
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