Joyce Aros
Aha! Bob...
Mon Apr 26, 16:42

It doesn't matter at what point Tom or Frank got shot. Someone did and that horse is not going to stand there while Doc and Morgan shoot somebody and then Doc adds the buckshot and then Virgil and Morgan are shooting! Is the animal so deaf and mellow it will stand still through all that while Tom struggles to get a rifle out of the scabbard?
You are trying to pull my leg as we used to say, Bob! You are being a rascal!

    • Just wondering..Bob Cash, Mon Apr 26 15:37
      Are you saying that Frank and Tom were hit by the first two shots fired?
      • Aha! Bob... — Joyce Aros, Mon Apr 26 16:42
        • I may be a rascal, but I'm not pulling your leg.Bob Cash, Mon Apr 26 18:19
          If you look at any he of my posts on Tom, I think I have made it clear that I don't have any idea if Tom was armed, if he jumped behind the horse, or if he did try to take cover behind the horse wheth... more
          • Horses For Causesgobs, Tue Apr 27 2:21
            Mr Cash ... I'm with you in that I have no place for conjecture ... we might as well all go home now ... but are you willing to accept Joyce's new [to me] supposition that Tom attempted to get the rif... more
            • Re: Horses For CausesBob Cash, Tue Apr 27 7:12
              Gobs, I don't think it was Joyce's supposition. I think what she was respondinding to was my description of William McLeod Raine's account in his 1927 article HELLDORADO in which he says that, already... more
              • Profuse apologies from this 75 year old ...gobs, Tue Apr 27 10:00
                but is Breakenridge now a reliable eyewitness? ... am I the only person who hasn't read this? ... cheers
                • Re: Profuse apologies from this 75 year old ...Bob Cash, Tue Apr 27 11:12
                  Breakenridge was not in town on the day of the street fight, so I don't know where Raine got this story. Raine was in Arizona for a fair amount of time in the early 1900's so I suppose he got it then.... more
                  • Thanksgobs, Tue Apr 27 11:14
                    A fine synopsis ... again, take care
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