Gaumer wrong on all counts.
Mon Apr 26, 7:27

Because pertinent facts are not to be found in the faulty Turner book coveted by the ignorant.

There is no theory needed about Tom Keefe's fear of extradition for his unresolved attempted murder case for shooting the Owyhee Company gunman. Keefe was promptly arrested in Bodie after that shooting, but got free (most likely with bail bond by November 1, 1880) and then disappeared somewhere within the mass of 100 men who took off for Tombstone November and December 1880. This fact about the estimated 100 will not appear in the Turner book, but only in the Bodie Standard, Bodie Free Press, or one of the other three Bodie papers, if not reprinted in the Phoenix Herald or some other papers.

Another thing Gaumer knows nothing about is courtroom savvy. According to the experts, any courtroom witness having secrets to hide (in Keefe's case Bodie secrets) is vulnerable to coerced testimony. Not my theory, but comes from experts like Steve Lubet.
That is precisely what happened to Tom Keefe, wondering if and when the second shoe was going to drop; perhaps causing his extradition.

As far as anybody knows, Coroner Matthews never saw the Smith & Wesson - my theory based on vastly expanded research unattainable by those who sleep with the Turner book.

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