Tom Gaumer
You take Keefes testimony at face value
Mon Apr 26, 2:47


when he claims there is a S&W. You just deny what else he said, that you don't like, because it proves there was no S&W.

You are a tragic victim of Keefe's delusions and yours about
what you "theorize" was pressure from both Fitch for the defense and also the chief prosecutor. I guess you think they are on the same side and share the same need to stop Keefe from telling the truth!!!!

Keep Laughing

    • And A Glutton For Punishment — gobs, Mon Apr 26 1:58
      Like me ... I think I read somewheres that Ruben F. Coleman was the dummy that made stuff up ... be careful out there I've seen a few recent quotes ... and I've short term memory loss [like a few "... more
    • Re: Right. We should all wonder. — K.t.K., Sun Apr 25 20:37
      Your total ignorance about the history of Tom Keefe blocks you from simple logic. To take Keefe's testimony at face value -- in regards the pressure he was put under by both T. Fitch and L. Price -- i... more
      • You take Keefes testimony at face value — Tom Gaumer, Mon Apr 26 2:47
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